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Fun and Creative Christmas Fabrics

Dec. 22, 2020

   Christmas Costume

   Christmas Present

   Christmas Decoration

Exciting! Christmas finally comes this week with the cheers of children and the happy holidays of adults.

Regarding the new gameplay of Christmas 2020, the previous two articles have introduced how to make personalized and creative Christmas cards and Christmas wooden decorations. Next, we will share some interesting and creative ideas from the perspective of Christmas fabrics. Take a look!

Christmas Costume

Whether you want to create a candy-themed party to satisfy your children’s desire for candy or obsessed with a party of metal simple and modern style, or you like a nature-themed party where natural scenery and home environment are integrated. Whatever, the choice and collocation of Christmas costumes must not be neglected. It must be compatible with the decoration style and atmosphere of the entire environment and at the same time have its own unique personal style. Both comfort and personalization need to be considered, especially for pyjama parties, where people want to spend time with family together quietly and comfortably and watch a traditional Christmas movie comfortably on the sofa. It is a good choice to buy or make unique Christmas costumes yourself. Red and green have always been the main colours of Christmas, but you can also choose according to your own home style.

Fun and creative Christmas fabrics

Credit: chloebarryhang

Not only that, the Christmas carnival never starts and ends on the day of the holiday, you may need to change multiple sets of different Christmas costumes to spend the happiest time of the year. Costumes printed with patterns of Santa Claus, snowflakes, cedar, bells, and other traditional Christmas elements are absolutely infallible. You can choose socks decorated with Christmas elements embroidery or printed Santa pattern, snowman printed apron. They can all add to the festive atmosphere and fun. Besides, if you want to play some new patterns, draw some patterns with personal characteristics or family traditions, and add them to the plainclothes make it look new and fun. The combination of digital printing technology and laser cutting technology can quickly help to realize these wild and creative ideas.

Fun and creative Christmas fabrics

Fun and creative Christmas fabrics

Of course, we can not forget this year's new fashion-face masks. Masks decorated with various printed patterns have become one of this year's fashion items. During Christmas, you can also choose Christmas-themed printed masks to escort you out, especially the digital printing Christmas patterns, which are very realistic and interesting.

Christmas Present

DIY is never a boring activity, especially with family and friends. Design and make Christmas cards and wooden crafts yourself. Also, you can try to use a laser cutter to help to complete the subsequent processing process after completing the pattern and style design. For specific methods, refer to the previous two articles:

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Focusing on children, what kind of Christmas gifts are more popular and loved by children? 

Fun and creative Christmas fabricsRich in Christmas style, safe and harmless, fun and educational are the main reference points for children's gifts. How about the DIY Christmas tree decoration puzzle? Made of soft and skin-friendly textiles, different Christmas fabrics ornament elements can be decorated on the textile Christmas tree as you like. It can be recycled many times, easy to store, and is beneficial to children's creativity. The decoration effect is also excellent! Not only that, this decorative puzzle does not seem to make people feel bored because you can make various styles of Christmas fabrics ornaments of different colours and textures with your children, like print patch, embroidery, applique, vinyl transfer patch. Advanced, more creative ideas can be realized by laser customized processing.

Christmas Decoration

The strong Christmas atmosphere needs to be set off by careful indoor and outdoor decoration and arrangement. 

For most, interior decoration must be the highlight of Christmas. From the living room to the kitchen, from the hallway to the bedroom, every corner is filled with Christmas elements. Of course, this is based on your time enough and early preparation. On the contrary, if you are just starting to decorate the house, or like the minimalist style, quickly replacing the outer packaging of the house to change the theme is your life-saving straw.

How to do it?

The change of the coat can make people welcome the new day with a new look and mood. Similarly, wrapping a coat full of Christmas elements for indoor furniture and objects will quickly change the theme and style of the house, presenting a perfect Christmas house. Sounds attractive! So what to use for wrapping? 

Safe, comfortable, soft, and environmentally friendly fabrics are great. Tablecloths decorated with snowflakes, carpets decorated with running reindeer, wallpaper with the theme of Santa,Sofa covers full of Christmas elements, pillowcases, curtains can all help create a Christmas atmosphere. You may not have time to sew these by hand now. Go out of your house and go into the store to buy. Colourful and diverse digital printing textiles have become especially popular in recent years because of their vivid visual effects, durability, and environmental protection. And combined with laser cutting technology, printed accessories expand the diversity and richness of patterns and can be quickly realized with the technical support of laser cutting with automation and customization

Therefore, digital printing and sublimation accessories and home textiles that are both necessities and decorations are very popular.

Fun and creative Christmas fabrics

Fun and creative Christmas fabrics

Outdoor Christmas decorating can also adopt the same way, such as replacing the welcome mat in front of the door or wearing a Christmas coat for your mailbox with colourful printed textiles. Maybe, Santa Claus will be attracted by outdoor decorations and take the lead to give you gifts and blessings!

The rapid popularity of digital printing textiles provides more choices for Christmas decorations. 

Try boldly and use printed fabrics to decorate indoor and outdoor with a unique personality and style. Maybe you are the trend leader! I am very happy and eager to see your decoration effect if you are willing to share it with me.

In addition, if you want to explore the reasons for the popularity of digital printing textiles and the technical support of laser cutting behind it, you can go to MimoWork homepage, or social media platforms Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube homepage to check. Directly, you can contact me via email to share your Christmas decoration ideas and questions.