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Laser Cutting Aviation Carpet

Laser technology is widely used in aviation & aerospace field, laser cutting and drilling for jet parts, laser welding, laser cladding and 3D laser cutting; there are different types of laser machines for such process, high power CO2 Laser, fiber laser …. for different materials. And we have the best laser cutting solution for aircraft carpet.
Aviation CarpetThe carpet for aviation is extremely long and there are normally mainly three types of cutting technology for carpet, knife cutting, water jet cutting, laser cutting; laser cutting is the easiest way for cutting, it seals the edge of the aircraft blankets automatically, no need sewing, cut extremely long size with high precision, save the labor and with high flexibility for small & medium contracts.
Aviation Carpet

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Aviation Carpet

Applied Materials Suitable for Laser Processing

Nylon, Non-woven, Polypropylene, Polyester, Blended fabric, EVA, Leatherette

Key Importance of Laser Cutting for Aviation Blanket

Seal the edge of carpet automatically, no need sewing again

Conveyor table advance the materials to the cutting table automatically, no need human intervene during cutting, save the labor cost

High precision cutting for super long patterns

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