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Digital Printing Fabrics

Digital Printing

Key player in digital printing- Laser machine

Digital technology is the unstoppable trend at present and in the future. For digital printing which is occupying more market in print advertising, sublimation apparel, heat transfer accessory, and print patch, productive and profitable laser processing belonging to digital technology better complements with digital printing due to high cutting quality, accurate pattern recognition and fast production.  

And wide printing materials compatibility with laser cutting involving vinyl, polyester, spandex, tackle twill, wood, acrylic, glass allows laser machine to be the first choice for digital printed goods manufacturers.

Wide applications laser cutting in digital printing 

Extended printing materials compatibility decides wide applications in laser cutting digital printing goods. 

-Sublimation apparel

sportswear, legging, jersey, cycling wear, swimwear, yoga clothing, fashion dress, team uniforms, running outfits


-Print patch

vinyl transfer patch, heat transfer patch, twill letters, sticker, applique, decal, printable reflective


-Sublimation accessory

pillowcase, cushion, mat, carpet, scarf, towel, blanket, face mask, tie, apron, tablecloth, wallpaper, mouse pad


-Sublimation advertising

banner, flag, teardrop flag, pennant, posters, billboards, exhibition displays, fabric frames, backdrops, soft signage, acrylic display, wood crafts, decorative picture, acrylic lightbox


Unique advantages of laser cutting digital printing goods

-Contour recognition ensures accurate cutting

-Edge fusion and sealing with thermal treatment

-High efficiency through automatic feeding and cutting

-No limitation for patterns and shapes

-Flexible and digital control from graphic files to processing

Laser cutting has been playing a significant role in printing goods processing and receiving widespread attention and popularity because of high cutting quality standard which other traditional processing methods hardly reach. Equipped with Contour Recognition System, laser cutter can achieve accurate contour cutting. That is simply too friendly for digital printing goods. Especially for sublimation apparel, roll to roll feeding and cutting on the support of Auto Feeder and Conveyor Table greatly enhance processing efficiency. And customization and on-demand production can be realized easily without worries for stock and space costs due to tailor-made working table and flexible & digital processing.