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Laser cutting on Felt

Professional and qualified laser processing solution for felt

Flexible and specialized laser systems can process varieties of felt with different printed patterns and shapes, meeting a wide range of felt processing in industry and civilian fields. MimoWork laser is committed to studying laser cutting, marking, perforating for fabric, including synthetic and natural felt. As an eco-friendly non-woven fabric, felt plays a crucial role in home textiles and decoration, handmade craft, industrial insulation, mechanical parts buffer. For felt with different performance, MimoWork laser is confident in providing customized and specialized laser solutions to help to solve your production problems.

Different from traditional processing methods, laser systems own unique and premium features, especially the timely edge sealing caused by heat treatment. Precisely because of that, untight internal structure of the felt can not be damaged and the processing does not accompany with dust and ash.

Application of laser cutting felt

Felt hat

Felt bag

Self adhesive felt

Felt craft

Felt pad

Felt coaster

Felt mattress

Felt ornament

Felt letter board

Felt Christmas tree

Felt carpet (mat)


Laser processing for felt

Laser cutting

Fast and neat laser cutting on felt avoids adhesion between material, bringing high quality finished felt with sealing edge while heat cutting. Automated feeding and cutting reduce labor cost in a degree.


Laser marking

High contrasting in color with laser etching single-layer of the felt can achieve permanent and unfading varieties patterns, customized brand logo images.


Laser engraving

Thin and fine laser beam can instantly engrave multilayer felt material by setting suitable laser power. Flexible processing method has no limitation for different shapes and patterns.


Benefits from laser cutting felt

- No need for material fixation with vacuum working table

- Contactless and free forceful processing guarantees felt intact stability

- No tool wear and replacing cost

- Clean processing environment

- Free pattern cutting, engraving, marking

- Suitable processing method according to fabric structure

Material information of laser cutting felt

Mainly made of wool and fur, blended with natural and synthetic fiber, versatile felt has varieties of good performance of abrasion resistance, shock resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, oil protection. Consequently, felt are widely used in industry and civilian fields. For automotive, aviation, sailing, felt acts as a filter medium, oil lubrication, and buffer. In daily life, our common felt products such as felt mattresses and felt carpets provide us with a warm and comfortable living environment with the advantages of heat preservation, elasticity, and toughness. Laser cutting is suitable to cut felt with heat treatment realizing sealed and clean edges. Especially for synthetic felt, like polyester felt, acrylic felt, laser cutting is very ideal processing method without damaging felt performance. It should be noted to control laser power for avoiding edges charred and burned during laser cutting natural wool felt. For any shape, any pattern, flexible laser systems can create high- quality felt products. In addition, sublimation and printing felt can be cut accurately and perfectly by laser cutter equipped with the camera.


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