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Laser Cutting Apparel Accessories

The finished garment is not just made of cloth, other clothing accessories are sewn together to make a complete garment. It’s ideal to use laser to cut these small clothing accessories.

Labels, Decals, and Stickers

A high-quality woven label will represent the brand to the entire world. In order to hold its color and shape through immense wear and tear or countless cycles through the washing machine, labels have high requirements for its durability. The raw material used to make labels is one thing, the cutting tool also plays an extremely important role. Laser is ideal to cut small pieces like labels, decals, and stickers. It can seal the edges immediately after cutting due to the benefits of heat cutting.


Typical label applications

Armband, Wash Care Label, Collar Label, Size Labels, Hang Tag

Garment Accessories

Heat Transfer Vinyl

The heat applied reflective is one of the apparel components, making the creation of your designs attractive, and adding brilliance to your uniforms, sportswear, as well as jackets, vests, footwear and accessories. There are many different types of heat applied reflective, fire-resistant type, Printable Reflective. Laser kiss cutting is really suitable to process heat transfer vinyl.


Typical foil materials for laser cutting

3M Scotchlite Heat Applied Reflective, FireLite Heat Applied Reflective, KolorLite Heat Applied Reflective, KolorLite Segmented Heat Applied Reflective, Silicone Grip - Heat Applied

Garment Accessories

Pockets and Other Small Decorating Pieces

Pockets do not only serve the purpose of holding small items on daily life but also can create an extra touch of design to the outfit. Laser is ideal for cutting pockets, shoulder straps, collars, lace, ruffles, bordering ornament and many other small decorating pieces on garments.

Garment Accessories

Key Importance of Laser Cutting Apparel Accessories

Clean Cutting Edge

Flexible Processing

Minimum Tolerance

Automatically Recognizing Contours

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