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Laser Cutting Automotive Interior Upholstery

Laser cutting for car interior has been popular for many years, it mainly includes laser cutting for car seats, air carpet, sunshades. And also, laser perforation for interior is more and more common than before. The typical automotive materials for this application are technical textiles and leather, laser cutting can realize high automatically continuous cutting for an entire roll of car material, with precise and clean cutting results.
Laser cutting technology is increasingly used in automotive industry for its high precision and perfect processing effect. The following are automotive products or accessories for automotive interiors and exteriors that are known to be laser-processed on the market.
Interior Upholstery

Typical Applications of Laser Cutting and Engraving for Automotive Industry

AirbagsLabels / Identifiers
Back Injection-molded Plastic FittingsLightweight Carbon Components
Blackout MaterialsPassenger Detection Sensors
Carbon ComponentsProduct Identification
Coatings for A-B-C Column TrimsEngraving of Controls and Lighting Elements
Convertible RoofsRoof Lining
Control PanelsSeals
Flexible Printed CircuitsSelf-adhesive Foils
Floor CoveringsSpacer Fabrics for Upholstery
Front Membranes for Control PanelsSpeedometer Dial Displays
Injection Molding and Sprue SeparationSuppression Materials
Insulating Foils in the Engine CompartmentWind Deflectors

Interior Upholstery

Among all of the applications, let’s elaborate on car dashboard cutting. Using a CO2 laser cutter to cut dashboards can be very advantageous to your production process. Faster than a cutting plotter, more precise than punching dies, and more economical for small batch orders.

Interior Upholstery

Suitable Laser Cutting Films Materials

Polyester, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polyimide, Foil

Key Importance of Laser Cutting and Perforating Automotive Fabric

The laser beam allows for controlled fusing of foils and films

The laser produces clean and sealed cut edges

The laser can cut even the smallest redii precisely

The laser can cut simple geometries at record speed

The laser is contact free, no pressure is exerted on the material

The laser consistently produces perfect results

The laser will not result in chipping of paint from the end product

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