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Laser Cutting MDF

Less Contamination And Better Cutting Results

Provide More Flexibility Than Conventional Processing

Material Properties:

At present, among all the popular materials used in furniture, doors, cabinets, and interior decoration, in addition to solid wood, the other widely used material is MDF. As MDF is made from all kinds of wood and its processing leftovers and plant fibers through a chemical process, it can be manufactured in bulk. Therefore, it has a better price compared to solid wood. But MDF can have the same durability as solid wood with proper maintenance.

And it is popular among hobbyists and self-employed entrepreneurs who use MDF to make name tags, lighting, furniture, decorations, and much more.

Related Materials:

Wood, Polywood, Paper, Films

Why you should laser process your MDF:

To Avoid Your Health Risk:

As MDF is a synthetic building material that contains VOCs (eg. urea-formaldehyde), dust generated during the manufacture could be harmful to your health. Small amounts of formaldehyde may be off-gassed through conventional cutting methods, so protective measures need to be taken while cutting and sanding to avoid inhalation of the particles. As laser cutting is non-contact processing, it simply avoids wood dust. Additionally, its local exhaust ventilation will extract the generating gases at the working part and vent them outside.

To Achieve Better Cutting Quality:

Laser cutting MDF saves the time for sanding or shaving, as the laser is heat treatment, it provides smooth, burr-free cutting edge and easy cleaning up the working area after processing.


To Have More Flexibility:

Typical MDF has a flat, smooth, hard, surface. it has excellent laser ability: no matter cutting, marking or engraving, it can be machined according to any shape, resulting in a smooth and consistent surface and high preciseness of details.

In order to guarantee that your laser system is ideally suited for your materials and application, please contact MimoWork for further consulting and diagnosis.