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Airbag Modern Processing

Sep. 18, 2019

Airbag Modern Processing shared by Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer.

By 2020, light vehicle production will grow at an average annual rate of 4%, and the airbag market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1% during this period. Nowadays, a large number of airbag recalls have caused consumers to worry. New measures to improve airbag quality control pose additional challenges for airbag suppliers, and they continue to focus on reducing the unit cost of airbags in the ever-changing airbag supply ecosystem.

Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer

Mimowork laser cutter

Combining process optimization and resource optimization, advanced laser cutting technology helps airbag manufacturers overcome multiple business challenges. Advanced airbag design and laser cutting technology of the High precision Laser cutting Machine meet these rigorous new requirements, ensuring that the final quality is close to zero defects, even when using low-cost materials such as polyester. By increasing productivity and efficiency, suppliers can earn revenue, remain competitive, and meet the increasingly demanding requirements of OEMs.

Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer

Mimowork laser cutter

At high speeds, thick stacks of cut and stitched materials and non-melting layers of material require highly accurate dynamic laser power control. Cutting is done by sublimation, but this can only be achieved when the laser beam power level is adjusted in real-time. When the strength is insufficient, the machined part cannot be cut correctly. When the strength is too strong, the layers of material will be squeezed together, resulting in the accumulation of interlaminar fiber particles. Mimo's laser cutter with the latest tech can effectively control the laser power intensity in the nearest wattage and microsecond range.

Besides, several factors can be considered, such as the nature of the material to be cut, the geometry of the shape, the cutting speed and acceleration, and the like. It is also necessary to consider the workpiece that is cut earlier to adjust the temperature at which the risk of melting of the material near the area is slightly increased and may cause adjacent areas to melt. This is the risk of a tangent, which cuts off the flow through a single cutting path to ensure flawless quality.

Mimowork has invested much vigor in airbag research on materials, designing and special-cutting of airbags for offering the most optimum airbag cutting solution.

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