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Application of Laser Cutting and Engraving in the Household Flooring Market

Jan. 12, 2021

The flooring market is developing rapidly in a positive and rapid growth mode. According to industry reports, the flooring market has reached 339.78 Billion (USD) in 2019 and is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7% in the next six years. The support of government policies, the convenience of financial investment, and the year-on-year growth of cross-border trade are external reasons for the steady growth of the flooring market. Demand determines the market. In addition to the support of the general environment, the increase and diversification of consumer requirements, such as customization, safety, and environmental protection, comfort and durability, waterproof and moisture-proof enable the flooring market to continue to tap the inherent potential and explore emerging technologies. Creating high-quality and diverse flooring products are more in line with market needs.

It is estimated that by 2026, residential flooring will account for more than 50% of the entire flooring market, and the construction industry will become the main driving force for the development of the flooring market. Besides, the demand for flooring in industries, automobiles, aircraft, and yachts is also increasing.

Laser Cutting Carpet

Various countries have gradually realized the importance of ecological protection, and many carbon emission policies have been released one after another. In the flooring industry, this has put forward new requirements for the exploration and application of sustainable environmentally friendly materials and production methods. From the perspective of the residential sector, most people's preference for wooden floors continues unabated. On the one hand, it reflects the excellent performance of wooden flooring and the natural and rustic decorative effect. On the other hand, this durable and environmentally friendly material is more in line with the theme of sustainable development. And the research and application of new materials and production technologies are opening up new directions for the future of the flooring market.

Household wooden flooring

Carpet cleaning has always been a headache for many people. Whether it is traditional textile fabrics or the recently popular vinyl carpets, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary.

Application of laser cutting and engraving in the household flooring market

Relatively speaking, wooden floors are easier to clean and durable. According to data from "USA Today", 54% of home buyers tend to pay for hardwood floors that are durable, natural, and environmentally friendly, safe, and harmless. Cherry, Hardwood, Laminated Wood, Mahogany, MDF, Oak, Solid Wood, Teak, Veneers, Walnut, and other woods are all good choices. The natural texture adds a good floor decoration effect, allowing people to feel the natural atmosphere at home. Not only that, the diversified requirements for more decorative textures and fine patterns are becoming more and more prominent in many home and business meetings. Inlays flooring is a more free and high-end decorative wooden floor, and diverse artistic creations are realized by laser cutting. The laser cutter cuts a variety of wood boards of different materials and textures into different shapes according to the design sketch and then puts them together to form a perfect and complete pattern to achieve the corresponding decorative effect of the room. Furthermore, laser etching can also create all kinds of patterns and textures on wooden floors. 

It is the designer's breeding ground!

In addition, laminate flooring is also the choice of many families because of its good waterproof performance and low cost.

Development and application of new flooring materials

The development and application of new technologies have injected new vitality into traditional floor materials. Teknoflor's bio-polyurethane floor has just been certified by Cradle to Cradle, and this new material is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The advantages of composite materials are versatility, rapid development, and assuming the functions of floor and carpet. PE, EVA, PES, PP, PUR, nylon, and other synthetic materials create carpets with excellent properties such as moisture resistance, heat preservation, insulation, and wear resistance. And technological progress will gradually reduce carbon emissions during the production of materials.

When it comes to processing methods, environmentally-friendly and low-consumption Laser Cutting Technology has become a new trend emerging in the 21st century and has been applied to various industrial, commercial, and household applications. 

Laser Cutting Carpet

Laser Cutting Carpet

In addition to the above-mentioned Laser Cutting and Etching on Wood, the laser can also engrave and cut a variety of synthetic materials. Today, when intelligence is becoming more and more popular, it is important to choose suitable carpet materials because different smart devices in the home also need good storage space. That means two or more kinds of carpets and floors may be required in the same space. In this case, flexible cutting for various carpet shapes and sizes need to be considered. Laser Cutting Carpet can perfectly solve this problem due to the flexible and prompt production mode.

The following are the advantages of laser cutting and engraving:

1. Contactless processing, almost no tool and material wear.

2. Very fine light spot creates very fine cuts and fine textures.

3. The customized working platform is suitable for materials of various formats (so large-format carpets are also available).

4. Flexible and customized production, any pattern can be engraved, any shape can be cut.

5. High precision processing represents high quality.

6. No mold required, saving maintenance cost.

7. High degree of automation.

8. High energy utilization rate, more environmentally friendly.

Carpet Laser Cutter

The prospect of the flooring industry is thriving, not only requires the research of new materials, but also the innovation of new processing technologies. The laser cutting industry has been continuously exploring and researching the processing of more new materials to meet the needs of the market for customization and versatility

For floor and carpet manufacturers, choosing laser cutting is undoubtedly an innovative production model transformation, which is more in line with current and future sustainable and intelligent development trends.

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