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Digital Printing Industry with Strong Development and Broad Prospects

Aug. 18, 2020

Today, with such advanced information technology, the Internet and online media are flooding our lives, which makes the printing industry suffer a certain degree of impact. Nevertheless, digital printing technology has developed rapidly, showing extraordinary development potential and strength, which makes the digital printing market is predicted to achieve rapid development at a compound annual growth rate of 3.8% from 2021 to 2026.

The development of printing technology has gradually reduced the cost of commercial printing presses. Traditional printing companies have begun to embrace digital printing technology as a powerful means of industrial expansion. And digital printing technology featured with lower operating costs and flexible processing with varieties of printed-patterns to satisfy customized demands improves production efficiency and revenue for digital printing service providers. 

Textile industries play a more important role in expanding the digital printing market. Due to the growing demand for customization and diversification in the fashion industry, some new processing methods and technologies have begun to be adopted by the printer. For example, inkjet printing technology is very suitable for applications in the field of digital textile printing. In addition, Laser Cutting technology is also widely used in the digital textile printing industry.

Digital Printing Industry with Strong Development and Broad Prospects

Digital Printing Industry with Strong Development and Broad Prospects

Then what is the most popular industry in the digital textile printing field? Sublimation Apparel and Digital Printing Advertising industries may be the most concerned and hottest. A wide range of applications and rich visual effects make digital printing clothing and digital printing advertising visible everywhere in our daily life. Shortening of product lifespan and diversified customer demands prompt continuous innovation of digital printing products and development of the new printing-related technology.

Laser technology continues to evolve and innovate, and Contour Laser Cutter has been developed to achieve precisely cutting digital printing textiles. Regardless of the field of digital printing apparel or digital printing advertising, contour laser cutting machine can cut perfect contours with clean edges accurately and efficiently. 

Contour Laser Cutter

Digital Printing Industry with Strong Development and Broad Prospects

Especially in the print garment and print advertising industries, laser cutting technology can indeed provide great help for the development of the digital printing field. Specifically, many digital printing textile products like home textiles, upholstery, curtain, scarves, ties, mats, pillow, bags, sportswear, footwear, headband, arm sleeves, posters, wallpaper, banners, flags, blankets, vehicle wrapping can be laser cut with high quality and efficiency.

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