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Digital Production Mode of Apparel Accessories - Laser Cutting

Nov. 17, 2020

As a part of clothing, accessories in clothing can no longer meet the needs of consumers with their original indispensable practical value. They act as decorative elements and highlight clothing styles and users' personalities as the new future of apparel accessories.

The pursuit of fashion and improved taste has given birth to colorful garment accessories. Not only traditional embroidery patterns, lace, buttons, armbands, pockets but also vinyl labels, heat transfer patterns, sublimation patterns are increasingly widely used in a variety of clothing, luxury clothing, casual clothing, sportswear, workplace wear. The advancement of technology plays an important role in it, especially the emergence of digital printing and the maturity of sublimation printing, which has broadened the presentation form and color richness of apparel accessories.

Accessories in Clothing

  • Innovation for clothing accessories design

The development of digital technology has brought new innovations and breakthroughs throughout the product life cycle. From the design perspective of garment accessories, artificial intelligence, algorithms, big data, and other emerging technologies have brought new perspectives and unique research methods to fashion designers. Google and Amazon are studying the use of AI technology to create and speculate on future clothing styles according to popular colors, styles, patterns, and other aesthetic parameters. That helps fashion designers save the tedious work of data collection and model establishment, and reshape brand product design and development methods, this technological innovation will greatly shorten the production cycle and greatly improve efficiency.

Digital Technology

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This may bring new enlightenment to the manufacturers of clothing accessories. Does the production and processing of apparel accessories also need to be linked with digital technology?

The answer is yes.

  • Transformation of digital processing methods

In the next few years, the development and update of digital technology will inevitably spread to the entire production process, not only the design of apparel accessories, but the entire supply chain connection needs to rely on big data support to track and handle emergencies. In this context, the transformation and innovation of production and processing methods have become an urgent issue for apparel accessories manufacturers to think about. The traditional manual cutting and knife cutting technologies have not made outstanding contributions to the entire production chain supported by digital technology. Due to the lack of intelligent technical support and the inherent shortcomings of unsustainable efficient processing and quality assurance, the traditional cutting method of garment accessories can no longer meet the needs of manufacturers who are pursuing production efficiency under such severe competitive pressure. Not to mention high standards for quality are a necessary condition for competing target consumers.

Which processing method can maximize production efficiency?

apparel accessories laser cutter

There is no doubt that laser cutting technology is definitely the first recommended. After decades of development, CO2 lasers and fiber lasers have played an important role in high-tech fields, industrial fields, and apparel fields. Among them, the CO2 laser cutter is suitable for cutting a variety of materials, like industrial fabrics, apparel textiles, home textiles, clothing accessories, and so on. And laser cutting has been widely used in apparel accessories in recent years. In addition to the advantages of high automation and labor cost savings, laser cutting also has high precision and high quality. The following are the advantages of laser cutting apparel accessories:

1. Non-contact cutting, no material deformation

2. Heat processing, seal the edge in time during the cutting process to obtain a clean edge

3. One cut is completed, no need for subsequent processing

4. CNC numerical control operation and computer data support bring high automation processing while ensuring continuous and stable high-quality output

5. Very fine light spot, high cutting precision, extremely small error rate

6. Equipped with a vision system that can automatically correct deviations to ensure complete and accurate cutting of graphics

7. No mold required, flexible production, suitable for personalized custom processing

Laser Cutting Apparel Accessories

Laser Cutting Apparel Accessories

Laser cutting apparel accessories is an inevitable trend in the development of digital technology. It not only meets the current public's demand for customized products but also automated production, environmentally friendly, and sustainable processing characteristics are also in line with current and future social development trends. Therefore, adopting laser cutting equipment to escort production is the best choice. Whether it is embroidery, heat transfer vinyl, sublimation pattern, labels, decals, stickers, tackle twill patch, pockets, and lace, laser systems can complete high-quality cutting, creating unique styles of high-quality clothing for consumers, and creating consistent and stable production profits for manufacturers and brands owners. 

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