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Fashion in Trend, Sportswear in Laser

Jan. 22, 2020

Laser developments in sportswear not only make garments look better and fit better, but they also help athletes perform better. Many of these require uses of new or specialist technology within the manufacture of the garments, not just the materials they were made from.


For instance: For the Olympics, Speedo introduced its Fastskin Racing System which combines the swimsuit, cap, and goggles into a unified system, which Speedo claim enhances both comfort and hydrodynamic efficiency. The three-dimensional CAD software is used to help develop the design for sportswear.

Fashion in Trend, Sportswear in Laser

Thus, it is not only the design, fit, choice, and use of materials which is important in performance sportswear. Much sportswear is highly branded, maybe incorporating transfer printing, digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, laser cutting or engraving, embossing, embroidery, appliqué. 

Fashion in Trend, Sportswear in Laser

Thanks to MimoWork laser system, the benefit for processing sportswear

 - Enhanced productivity with the 1.8m conveyor system for continuous production of roll materials.

- High accuracy thanks to the intelligent camera system, enabling immediate compensation of -deformations in the cutting vector.

- Enable to process cutting, engraving, carving, perforating, hollowing…


Moreover, Sportswear Laser Cutting Systems give the ability to brand protect from counterfeit and create new technologies that can be incorporated into garments enabling immediate confirmation that a product is genuine or imitation.