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Freeze-proofing Measures for CO2 Laser System in Winter

Nov. 08, 2019

Stepping into November, when the autumn and winter alternate, as the cold air strikes, the temperature gradually declines. In the cold winter, people need to wear clothing protection, and your laser equipment should be carefully protected to maintain the regular operation. MimoWork LLC will share the antifreeze measures for CO2 laser cutting machines in winter.


Due to the influence of low-temperature environment in winter, the operation or storage of laser equipment under the condition of temperature lower than 0 ℃ will lead to the freezing of laser and water-cooling pipeline, the volume of water solidified will become larger, and the internal pipeline of laser and water-cooling system will be cracked or deformed.

If the cold water pipeline ruptures and starts up, it may cause the coolant to overflow and cause damage to the relevant core components. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, be sure to do the correct antifreeze measures.


The laser tube of the CO2 laser machine is water-cooled. We better control the temperature at 25-30 degrees because the energy is the strongest at this temperature.

Before using the laser machine in winter:

1. Please add a certain proportion of antifreeze to prevent the circulation cooling water from freezing. Because antifreeze has a certain corrosive, according to the use of antifreeze requirements, according to the antifreeze dilution ratio, dilute and then join the chiller use. If not used antifreeze customers can ask dealers, dilution ratio according to the actual situation.

2. Do not add too much antifreeze in the laser tube, the cooling layer of the tube will affect the quality of light. For the laser tube, the higher the frequency of use, the more frequent the water change frequency. Otherwise, pure water in calcium, magnesium and other impurities will adhere to the inner wall of the laser tube, affect the energy of the laser, so no matter summer or winter need to frequently change water.

After using the laser machine in winter:

1. Please empty the cooling water. If the water in the pipe is not cleaned, the cooling layer of the laser tube will freeze and expand, and the laser cooling layer will expand and crack, so that the laser tube cannot work normally. In winter, the freezing crack of the cooling layer of the laser tube is not within the scope of replacement. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please do it in the correct way.

2. The water in the laser tube can be drained by auxiliary equipment such as air pump or air compressor. Customers who use water chiller or water pump can remove the water chiller or water pump and place it in a room with high temperature to prevent the water circulation equipment from freezing, which may cause damage to the water chiller, water pump and other parts and bring you unnecessary trouble.