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How Do I Clean My Shuttle Table System?

Mar. 18, 2020

Regular care and maintenance are very important in order to ensure the optimum functioning of the shuttle table system. Ensure a high degree of value retention and optimum condition of your laser system quickly and simply. High priority is given to the cleaning of the guide rails, rollers, and carriers of the shuttle table. Permanent use under unfavorable ambient conditions can lead to faulty functioning and premature wear. 

How Do I Clean My Shuttle Table System?cid=6

Caution: Dismantle the table before cleaning


Guide rails:

  • Clean the guide rails with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

  • Wipe over the guide rails/roller tracks and deflection curves.

Guide rollers:

  • It is preferable to clean the guide or damping rollers with a clean, lint-free cloth.

  • They must move smoothly.

Ball bearings:

  • The ball bearings are closed and need no additional maintenance.

  • It is preferable to clean the drive pins.

  • Clean with clean and lint-free cloth.

The surface of the basic table:

  • Wipe over the surface of the table and the suction channel holes.

  • It is preferable to use soapsuds for cleaning, depending on the previous application.


Clean regularly and at timely cleaning intervals. In this way, you will prevent any system breakdowns. Contact us today if you need any maintenance service or investing in a laser system. We specialize in industrial fabrics and garment-textile laser cutting solutions. MimoWork will provide a comprehensive solution and a lifetime of service to accompany your use of laser systems. Ask us for more information today!