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Innovation and Application of Airbags

Jun. 01, 2020

Airbags provide us with an indispensable safety guarantee when riding and driving because it can reduce the impact force when the body collides with the vehicle. As one of the most important safety innovations in recent decades, airbags have been adopted by a variety of vehicles to ensure personal safety, whether they are motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles.

Innovation and Application of Airbags

Front and side airbags are the most widely used in motor vehicles. Since the promulgation of the new regulations of the federal government in 1999, front airbags have become a necessity for vehicles such as cars and trucks. When a collision occurs, the airbag will be inflated quickly and then deployed based on the impact force, and acceleration is measured by the sensor if the seatbelt cannot provide sufficient protection. 

Due to the small space between the body and the side of the car, the requirements for the deployment time of the side airbags are more stringent. Most car manufacturers have incorporated side airbags into the car production standards in order to provide more comprehensive protection.

Innovation and Application of Airbags

Our safety is closely related to the airbag as long as we establish contact with the vehicle. The innovation of airbags has never stopped with the advancement of technology. Inflatable seat belts can reduce rear seat injuries, especially for children using safety seats. With the wide application of the panoramic sunroof in automobiles, the panoramic sunroof airbag has gradually appeared in automobiles. In addition, the external hood airbag developed by Volvo is designed to protect the safety of pedestrians. The increase in types of vehicles determines the increase in types of airbags. Airbags applied to motorcycles and bicycles have also appeared and put on the market.

The laser cutting machine is suitable for almost all kinds of airbag processing. With the advancement of technology and the higher public demand for safety protection, the demand for airbags has increased significantly. Finding more suitable processing methods can greatly improve production efficiency and meet the huge market demand. Laser equipment has many advantages such as high-precision cutting, a high degree of automation, and customizable processing. And the laser technology is constantly updated and developed to realize the processing of airbags of various materials, such as polyester and nylon. If you want to know more about laser cutting airbags or related materials, please contact us.