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Improve Denim Jeans Processing Craft by CO2 Laser

Dec. 20, 2019

Every human being needs to wear clothes. Therefore the apparel/garments/textile industry is one of the most essential service providers in this world. Mimowork LLC provides fabrics Laser Cutting Machine especially using in denim jeans industry. 

Improve Denim Jeans Processing Craft by CO2 Laser

The majority of people want to look good in appearance by wearing designer and customized clothes. Therefore the denim jeans industry has to meet the requirements and aspirations of these users. 

The laser technique is being applied in jeans because it is an ideal surface treatment for design applications without the usage of chemicals and water.

The following are some of the advantages of laser applications in the denim industry. 

(i) Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting can be combined in one step 

(ii) No mechanical wear of tools in laser-based process, hence better precision in outcome  

(iii) No fixation of material is required due to force-free processing by lasers

(iv) No fabric fraying in synthetic fiber due to the formation of fused edges

(v) The laser-based process is clean and lint-free.

By using Mimowork's laser system is possible to create a worn-out look on denim, which could be an alternative method to conventional processes. As an Insulation materials Laser Cutting Machine supplier, Mimowork's CO2 laser is a suitable tool for the discoloration of indigo-dye on denim fabric. In comparison with conventional techniques of processing denim fabric, a laser beam provides us with some advantages: it is environmentally friendly with respect to the consumption of chemical agents, has low water consumption, and offers the flexibility of the process and replications of design.