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How to choose cost-effective laser cutting machine?

Jun. 21, 2019

How to choose cost-effective laser cutting machine

1. The material

First, we should consider the thickness of the material, which materials we need to cut, and then determine the power of the equipment and the size of the table. Currently, the power range of custom laser cutting machine on the market ranges from 500W to 8000W.

2. Preliminary brand selection

After determining the demand, we can choose the right type of laser machine manufacturer's website and understand. After that, we can come to the factory to inspect the machines and determine the price. We will also discuss in more detail how to train the machines, how to pay for them, and how to provide after-sales service.

3. Laser power selection

Power is very critical, different power can cut the maximum thickness of the material is different. To know what kind of power we need, it's best to ask professional sales and technical staff for a good suggestion. Choosing the right power is of great help to the enterprise's cost control.

4. Main part of laser cutting machine

Industrial fabric Laser Cutting Machine has laser, laser head, beam, guide rail, reducer, rack, motor and other major components, each kind of accessories also has a different brand supplier, how to choose the most suitable brand accessories in a variety of brands? First should start from our actual production, it is well known that the import of Europe and the United States, the brand is still belongs to high-end brand in the market, with laser as an example, interpublic laser enjoys a high reputation around the world, it's performance in cutting high when the material is also obvious, therefore, if the production process of high demand is bigger, the material cutting then interpublic laser is a good choice.

In recent years, the development of domestic laser brand has also made considerable progress, especially the development of the most notable, at this stage in some specific power, the performance of the reke even with the international first-line laser brand, in the middle power, reke has become the priority of many customers. And as a domestic brand, its after-sales system is very perfect, more trustworthy.

Industrial fabric Laser Cutting Machine

5. Other accessories

In the choice of laser head, also need to consider the practical application. As an international first-line laser head brand, prest is often equipped with high power cutting machine will have better performance, if the actual production of power is not too high requirements, then no need to carry the prest laser head, using domestic wan shun xing is actually a better choice.

Rack Atlanta, Taiwan APPEX, YYC, with the highest accuracy

Speed reducer recommended Germany newcar France modoli, Japan new treasure.

When we choose to buy, we also need to pay attention to, these parts directly affect the cutting speed and precision of the laser cutting machine, many manufacturers will use fake imported parts to deceive customers, some international brands for the actual production of small factories in China, we must be careful.

Choose stable equipment, the best way is to choose a high market share, good customer service brand. Do not choose the products without after-sales service for the sake of low price, which will bring huge adverse effects to the production of enterprises.

6. After-sales service

Different manufacturers of after-sales service is different, the warranty period is different. We not only provide customers with effective daily maintenance procedures, but also provide professional training systems for machines and laser software to help customers master the skills of using fiber laser cutting machine as soon as possible. In addition, it is important that the manufacturer be able to provide solutions in a timely manner while using the machine. This is also an important factor to consider for our shopping laser cutting machine.

Here are 6 tips to help you choose a cost-effective laser cutting machine. Hope it works for you.