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Laser process Arts &Crafts

Feb. 24, 2020

Attention to detail and individuality characterize your products. With a Mimo laser engraving machine, virtually any design can be reproduced onto a wide variety of materials. Lettering, logos, images, and even photos can be added to your products using a Mimo laser.

Suitable materials for laser processing    

TroGlass, Acrylic, and Plexiglas®Wood


Paper  Wax
Card and cardboardCeramic


Laser process ArtsLaser process ArtsLaser process Arts

Why a laser machine for engraving and cutting handicraft products?

Laser process ArtsAdd value through customization, accuracy, and uniqueness 
Make each item unique; engrave designs, photos, images, or names. Fulfill even more customer requests using the flexibility and speed of the laser machine and increase profitability. Provide additional services through personalized gifts. The contactless processing not only saves preparation time but also allows the processing of ultra-thin materials.


With Mimo laser engraving and cutting machines, you can apply individual designs onto a single piece or an entire series of products. Whether you or another workshop created the design, you can combine long-standing traditional crafts with innovative technology. Contact us to get more information about your manufacturing crafts.