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Laser Processing for Exquisite Product Packaging

Feb. 19, 2020

Today, consumption is escalating, and goods are constantly being optimized. Similarly, packaging design is constantly changing. Consumers are not only interested in the product itself, but also pay more attention to the packaging, which has taken on more brand publicity. Therefore, laser engraving has been used in the engraving of packaging boxes because it can give design ideas to packaging boxes, which can leave consumers a unique impression of the brand. Let's take a look at the mystery of laser processing packaging.

Laser Processing for Exquisite Product PackagingLaser Processing for Exquisite Product Packaging

First of all, the laser is suitable for almost all packaging materials. Regardless of whether the material to be processed is cardboard, plastic, foil, or film ... the laser cutting system is fully capable of processing these materials. The laser has other advantages when used to cut foils and films, as it seals the edges during processing. Unlike punching machines, lasers won't damage the materials at all. The corners will remain intact and the contour will always be perfect.

Secondly, the lasers are very flexible. Because it’s in a CNC system, different projects can be completed by simply importing different designs. Unlike die-cutting machines requiring to die replacement, which is tedious and expensive. Moreover, even if the package design contains thousands of details, the laser can be processed in a very short time, and the error is less than 0.1mm, which is impossible for die-cutting.

Last but not least, MimoWork's laser systems have been used extensively in cardboard, plastic, foil, film, thin wood, even fabric packaging cutting. Thus, MimoWork has unique insights and experience on laser cutting packaging in food, cosmetics, daily goods, drug industries, and so on, which can ensure reliability and consistently high quality!