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Advantages of Lasers Cutting Compared to Knife Cutting

Sep. 09, 2019

Advantages of Lasers Cutting Compared to Knife Cutting

Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer shares that Bbth Laser Cutting and Knife Cutting are common fabricating processes used in today’s manufacturing industries. But in some specific industries, especially the insulation industry, lasers is gradually taking the place of traditional manual cutting with their unparalleled advantages.

Laser cutting such as Filter Cloth Laser Cutting Machine uses an energy emission device to focus a highly-concentrated stream of photons onto a small area of a work piece and cut precise designs out of the material. Lasers are typically computer-controlled and can make highly accurate cuts with a quality finish. One of the most common laser cutters is of the gaseous CO2.

Since laser-cutting can not only cut material but apply finish to a product, it can be a more streamlined process than its mechanical alternatives, which often require post-machining treatments.

In addition, there is no direct contact between the laser device and the material, reducing the chance of contamination or accidental marking.

MimoWork Lasers also create a smaller heat-affected zone, which lowers the risk of material warping or deformation at the cutting site.

Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer

Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer

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