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New Ways to Play Christmas 2020-Christmas Card

Dec. 08, 2020


In 2020 we all have experienced many joys, surprises, pains, and difficulties. Although we are still facing control measures to limit social distancing, it does not mean to give up the end of the year carnival-Christmas. That includes our retrospect for the past year and wonderful hope and vision for the future.

More importantly, the gathering of family members will make the long-lost warmth during the cold winter and the pandemic. There are nothing more precious gifts than family. Maybe you want to express your deep thoughts, hope to send good wishes, willing to bring surprises and joy with unique ideas to your family and friends, would like to leave unforgettable memories for the future. No matter what it is, Christmas greeting cards are essential artifacts, fun and blessings coexisting.

Let's focus on the creative theme of Christmas 2020

Recycling environmental protection

Sustainable recycling will never go out of style. At Christmas carnivals, people usually prefer to use environmentally friendly decorations. Some families may like to buy ribbons, stockings, pine trees, and other Christmas decorations directly from stores to create a Christmas atmosphere and decorate the room. There are also some families who like to make some interesting and creative small decorations and small gifts by hand or semi-hand to reuse the usual idle items without spending the extra money to buy new future idle items. In particular, wooden decorations are particularly popular this year, which not only embody the theme of environmental protection but also make you give full play to creativity and hands-on ability.  If you complete work with your family, you can also promote the feelings between family members.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Classic color

Classic blue is the color of the year for Pantone Color 2020. Of course, red and green are still the classic traditional colors of Christmas, popular among the public and used in many decorations and packaging. However, if you want to make novel gifts or greeting cards, and hope to make friends or family members a bright and pleasant surprise, Classic Blue will be a good choice.

Christmas Gifts

Focus on the details of life

The COVID-2019 outbreak and sweeping the world have caused some trouble in our lives blocked our plan to travel and shattered the dream of gathering with friends and relatives far away. Trapped at home by the community blockade and social distancing control measures, we pay more attention to details that have not been discovered in life and learn to enjoy a slow life. This change in attitudes and ways of life also permeates Christmas activities and may last for a long time in the coming year. Regarding details of life as Christmas decorations or gifts and the decorative elements of greeting cards can create a more warm feeling.

Funny new ideas for Christmas cards

Interesting ideas and creative forms of expressing blessings are energizing New Year's cards, although this is the most traditional way of expressing emotions.

Christmas cards convey people's wishes and longings to family and friends. How to make greeting cards full of love and surprises?

All handmade

The addition of origami and paper-cutting art can create a very artistic Christmas card. Moreover, the hand-made process contains full of love and blessings, which can make the recipients feel sincere and warm.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Direct purchase

Some people who are not good at making greeting cards by hand, or who do not have time to make greeting cards because of their busy work, may choose to buy the greeting cards directly or send the photos to the greeting card customization company for direct printing.

Semi-handmade-laser cutting

This relatively novel way of making greeting cards may not be all-pervading in families, but it has been widely used in custom-made greeting card companies. Intricate patterns on greeting cards, unique photos, a variety of decorative elements? Perhaps your brain is now flooded with many new and innovative ideas, and you can’t wait to put the ideas in your mind into practice to create unique personalized greeting cards.

New Ways to Play Christmas 2020-Christmas Card

Laser cutting help you do it easily

How to turn ideas into reality? What you need to do is:

1.Prepare paper or other materials for greeting cards.

2.Conceptualize and draw sketches on paper, and then create design patterns in vector graphics production software such as CDR or AI, including outer contours, hollow patterns, and added patterns (you can artistically process family photos and use a laser cutting machine Carving), additional decorative elements, etc.

3.Import the designed pattern into the computer (computer connected to the laser cutting machine).

4.Set the position of cutting outer contour, click start.

5.The laser cutting machine began to cut hollow patterns, etch patterns, cutting outer contours, and other decorative elements.

6.To assemble.

Laser Cutting Christmas Card

DIY Christmas greeting cards are definitely a super cool and fun thing. In the whole process, not only the interaction with family members but the greeting cards that contain good wishes will also become common memories for family and friends in the future.

Besides, hunters who want to seek business opportunities can also invest in the laser cutter to create customized products for consumers. The advantages of laser cutters are beyond your imagination. Paper, cloth, acrylic, wood, various industrial materials can all be laser cut. Smooth edges, fine cuts, and highly automated production have attracted many home users and manufacturers.

Laser cutting greeting cards can also create many unexpected effects, waiting for you to discover. If you are interested in laser-cut greeting cards or laser-cut paper crafts, welcome to visit MimoWork's official website for more detailed information.

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The pace of Christmas is getting closer and closer, MimoWork sincerely wishes everyone: Merry Christmas