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Puzzles Made by Laser Cutting Are Far Beyond Our Imagination

Dec. 25, 2020

Do you still remember the feeling when you play puzzles for the first time? As each piece clicks perfectly into place, it is a little win, like a little pat on the back. You are feeling weirdly soothing, therapeutic.

Toys are not only for children. In many nursing homes, jigsaw puzzles are often a part of the leisure for the elderly. Similarly, in some geriatric rehabilitation hospitals, jigsaw puzzles are also indispensable for the patients to exercise their hands-on ability.

In fact, in Europe, puzzles are more popular in the adult world, and even children's favourite Legos are widely discussed in the adult world.


We would like to share with you some interesting jigsaw puzzles and hope can give you some inspirations:


An actual trip to the lake or woods—not to mention outer space—might not be feasible right now, but these model kits by the Portland-based shop Houha Designs provide a small escape. All you need is a bottle of glue to fix each laser-cut piece to the next to create a fishing boat, fire tower lookout, or circular spaceship.



The design company Areaware released nearly 30 tasty main courses, snacks, and so on. We are used to seeing how food disappears in front of us, but this time, you can restore and present your "food" little by little. You might want to pick up a few if you are a super eater.


Laser Cutting PuzzlesLaser Cutting Puzzles


If you're looking for more modern puzzles to keep you busy during quarantine, you have to check out this.

Nervous System released a new series of spiral puzzles. Instead of working from the outside in, or in sections, the puzzles are meant to be pieced together in a swooping spiral in the shape of an ammonite fossil or nautilus shell. The puzzles are made from laser cut wood and contain a variety of whimsy pieces like octopi and seahorses.

Laser Cutting Puzzles 

Have you ever seen an acrylic puzzle? This puzzle is like shattered glass but it can be reassembled into a single sheet. Yelldesign turns a mistake into a delicate art piece. "The Accident" is comprised of 215 jagged and cracked pieces resembling a broken window but as per the designer, you don't have to worry about getting cut or scratched by these pointed edges. These acrylic puzzles booms in sales as people around the world are looking for indoor recreations during the quarantine.

Acrylic Puzzles

Acrylic Puzzles 

Due to the small batch and high degree of complexity, these kinds of puzzles are often processed by laser cutting technology. Once you have a laser cutting machine, you don't need to be a graphic designer to make a puzzle unique to you. Conceiving a whimsy pattern of pieces is all you need to do to make your puzzles original and unique.

Laser Cutting Products

A laser machine can not only enable you to cut out puzzles but also engrave them to enrich the design and meet the needs of personalized customization. It can pattern your puzzles with delicate styles and turn your incomparable vector designs into products with no limitation. Moreover, it gives small SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) the opportunities to take orders small as one single unit customized produced, large as thousands of productions in batches, all within affordable investing prices.


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