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Several indicators to judge the quality of laser cutting machine

Jul. 25, 2019

Several indicators to judge the quality of laser cutting machine shared by High precision Laser cutting Machine supplier.

There are many standards that affect the quality of laser cutting machine, but which is the most influential or can reflect the quality of laser cutting machine? The following list of nine indicators, through these indicators, you can better judge the quality of a machine.

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1. Roughness. Laser cutting section will form a vertical grain, the depth of grain determines the roughness of the cutting surface, the shallower the grain, the smoother the cutting section. In most cases, the roughness should be minimized, so the shallower the grain, the higher the cutting quality.

2. Verticality. If the thickness of the sheet metal exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge is very important. Away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent, depending on the location of the focus, cutting towards the top or bottom of the width, the more vertical edge, cutting quality is higher.

High precision Laser cutting Machine

3. Cut width. Generally speaking, the width of the incision does not affect the cutting quality. Only when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the part, the cutting width of the Laser Cutting holes Machine has an important influence. This is because the cutting width determines the minimum inner diameter of the contour.

4. Grain. When cutting a thick plate at high speed, the molten metal will not appear in the incision below the vertical laser beam, but will be ejected at the back of the laser beam. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge, closely following the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, lowering the feed rate at the end of the cutting process can greatly eliminate the formation of the lines.

5. Burr. Burr formation is a very important factor to determine the quality of laser cutting, because the removal of burr needs extra work, so the severity and amount of burr can directly judge the quality of cutting.

6. Material deposition. In the cutting process, the surface of the incision may form surface deposition, the amount of deposition material can also be seen the quality of the laser cutting machine.

7. Pitting and corrosion. Dents and corrosion have adverse effects on the surface of cutting edges, which not only affect the appearance of sheet metal parts, but also cause cutting errors, leading to sheet metal parts can not be used.

8. Heat affected area. During laser cutting, the metal structure changes as it is heated along the area near the incision. For example, some metals will harden. The heat affected area refers to the depth of the area where the internal structure changes.

9. Out of shape. If the cutting causes the part to heat up rapidly, it will deform, so the smaller the deformation, the better the cutting quality.

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