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The development opportunities of acrylic material in the war against COVID-19

Sep. 29, 2020

Under the influence of the coronavirus, almost all industries are rethinking and inventing innovation solutions for their future business. Thanks to its special characteristic, the acrylic material is about to take over the lead.


As a light-weight material, acrylic materical has filled all aspects of our lives and is widely used in the industrial field due to its excellent performance.

Now, acrylic material continues to be used in innovative and imaginative ways, including as a possible means to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants, shops, and other businesses began to use acrylic sheets to provide protective covers for both staff and customers, by the time people are returning to their social life.


After the invention of acrylic in the early 1900s, it was used for a wide range of applications, including watch surfaces, instrument covers, etc. During World War II, the acrylic industry developed rapidly due to the application of this material in the cockpit of aircraft. By the 1960s and 70s, acrylic was also used in sanitary facilities and greenhouse windows. From then on, more and more acrylic goods are produced for protection purposes like eyeglasses for medical, police riot control, and more.


Today, coping with the safety requirements of customers, acrylic sheets are gaining another role in restaurants, shops, and small businesses.

The need for acrylic goods is gaining


The World Health Organization recommends that food stores use acrylic display cases to serve food, rather than expose food to the public. Grocery stores, pharmacies, movie theaters, and nail salons also have been installing transparent acrylic sheets to limit the spread of the virus between staff and customers. As businesses and offices slowly resume operations, the use of acrylic material is expected to only increase. Some offices are planning to install acrylic sheets between desks and even between sinks.


The Christophe Gernigon Studio recently designed a round, lamp-shaped acrylic protection cover called PLEX’EAT. It can be installed over any kind of seat or table, protecting users in crowded environments or occasions where close contact is inevitable. An obvious example is dining in a restaurant. The PLEX’EAT protective cover can be installed on the entire table, or even on each seat, to protect every customer. Other examples include installing them over receptionist desks, conference room seats, classroom desks, and even casino seating.


With laser cutting technology, you can easily design acrylic barriers with both safety-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it consumes less excess materials when processing compared to milling or sawing.


Whatever in cutting edge quality, details, cutting accuracy, flexibility, labeling, tool wear, contamination, or material waste, laser cutting is undoubtedly becoming the most efficient manufacturing technology for quantitative production. Not only laser cutting acrylic, laser engraving acrylic is also widely used, which can help enterprises to expand their business scope and create more commercial value in the face of rapidly changing market demands. Mimowork is here for you to offer laser cutting solutions that are suitable for your company.