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The filtration industry with both opportunities and challenges

Oct. 02, 2020

The global filtration industry is developing rapidly, and according to statistics, the global filtration market is predicted to reach 40 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, which brings development opportunities and future development confidence for the filtration industry manufacturers in the global economic situation. Especially in the face of the current global pandemic, all sectors of society have increased their attention to air filtration. The demand for masks and various protective equipment has gradually developed the air filtration market, which is a good example.

The filtration industry with both opportunities and challenges

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Why are the prospects of the filtration industry generally optimistic?

The filtration industry is generally concerned for the following reasons. First of all, the increasingly serious global pollution problem has not only attracted the attention of ecologists but also caused the general public to worry about future environmental conditions and quality of life. Whether air pollution and water pollution can be solved is directly related to whether our living environment is optimistic in the future. A study has shown that air pollution may cause cognitive decline and harm people’s mental health. And nearly 91% of the world’s people live in areas where air pollution levels exceed the guideline limit. The severity and universality of air pollution, on the one hand, has stimulated innovation in filtration technology and continued research on filtration media, on the other hand, it has also brought significant opportunities for manufacturers in the filtration industry.

Secondly, the successive promulgation of relevant laws and regulations has driven the development of the filtration market to a certain extent due to the government's emphasis on the environment. In addition, with the increase in personal disposable income and the emphasis on environmental protection and life safety, the general public is more willing to spend money on filtering products. For example, air purifiers and domestic water filters have often appeared in daily life, ensuring our quality of life and safety. The increasing demand for filtration products has accelerated the rapid growth of the filtration market.

The filtration industry with both opportunities and challenges

The widespread penetration of filtration products is not only in daily life but also in industrial production. Energy, chemical, metal processing, agriculture, food processing, and other industries will produce a large amount of waste gas and wastewater during the production process, which has great demand and strict standards for filtration systems. Therefore, whether it is air filtration, liquid filtration, or solid-liquid separation, filtration products are essential and play an important role.

How can manufacturers in the filtration industry improve their market competitiveness?

The continuous expansion of the filtration market is both an opportunity and a challenge. Manufacturers need to explore more business models and processing methods to improve market competitiveness and market share.

1. Find an effective and cost-effective filter medium

As the core component of the filter system, the filter medium needs to be maintained and replaced in time, which is a high and long-term cost for manufacturers. Fabric filter cloth is favored by manufacturers due to its low cost and easy cleaning and replacement.

2. Dig into market demand and seek for technical support

By segmenting the user market and specific demand points, analyzing market trends, and combining with the support of advanced filtration technology, manufacturers can quickly occupy market share and maintain high competitiveness with technological advantages. For example, the surge in demand for masks has made the mask market hotter under the pandemic.

3. Explore more efficient processing methods

High-efficiency and high-quality processing methods can bring lasting benefits to manufacturers in the filtration industry. Laser cutting filter media is a very suitable processing method with its high efficiency and high precision cutting processing characteristics. Filter media of different shapes and different materials can be laser cut, such as polyurethane, polyester, activated carbon, polypropylene, polyamide, etc. Not only that, laser technology is one of the most promising industries in the new era. Its advantages in energy saving and environmental protection are compatible with the current environmentally friendly life and production methods.

The filtration industry with both opportunities and challenges

The filtration industry with both opportunities and challenges

Laser cutting filter materials is definitely a great choice for manufacturers in the filtration industry. If you want to learn about laser cutting or have any processing problems, we are happy to help you. With more than 20 years of laser equipment production experience and high-quality customized services, Mimowork has been providing customized laser solutions to customers all over the world in need, please feel free to contact us!