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The Innovated Laser Designs for Curtain Fabric

Mar. 21, 2020

People pay more and more attention to their designs. Curtains are essential at home. Choosing a suitable curtain will bring good enjoyment to your home life. Today, lasers are used to hollow out a wide variety of fabrics to give products a new vitality.

The Innovated Laser Designs for Curtain Fabric

Curtains like the picture above using a laser cutout craft, which makes a simple fabric full of new ideas. Laser process the stars design on the curtains, it’s novel and different. This design also makes effective use of light, creating a distinctive room, and allowing you to enjoy life more.

 The Innovated Laser Designs for Curtain Fabric

Mimowork’s Lyralight Series with galvo laser system can easily process these complex designs. This work craft is not only used on the curtains but also in most kinds of fabric, such as Legging, Sportswear,Leather, Swimwear

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