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The right working table for every application

Nov. 29, 2019

The multifunctional table concept allows optimal configuration for all engraving and cutting applications. Depending on the application the ideal table can be selected and changed easily and quickly for highest processing quality and productivity. As a Nylon Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer, we share with you.

For example, foils or paper require a vacuum table with high exhaust power levels in order to achieve optimum results. When cutting acrylics, however, in order to avoid back reflections, it requires as few contact points as possible. In this case, an acrylic cutting grid or acrylic slat cutting table would be suitable.

Fabrics Laser Cutting Machine

1. Aluminum Cutting Grid Table

This cutting table is the perfect solution for all general cutting tasks. It is suitable for a variety of cutting tasks with parts smaller than 100 mm, as these remain in a flat position after the cut. The table has more support points compared to the aluminum slat cutting table.

2. Aluminum Slat Cutting Table

The cutting table with aluminum slats is ideal for cutting thicker materials (8 mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100 mm. Lamellas can be placed individually, consequently the table can be adjusted to each individual application.

3. Acrylic Cutting Grid Table

The special acrylic grid prevents back reflection. It is therefore ideal for cutting acrylics, laminates or plastic films with parts smaller than 100 mm, as these remain in a flat position after the cut.

4. Acrylic Slat Cutting Table

The cutting table with acrylic lamellas prevents reflection during cutting. This table is particularly used for cutting thicker materials (8 mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100 mm. The number of supporting points can be reduced by removing some of the lamellas individually, depending on the job.

5. Vacuum Table

The vacuum table fixes various materials to the working table using a light vacuum. This ensures correct focusing over the entire surface and as a consequence better engraving results are guaranteed. In addition it reduces the handling effort associated with mechanical mounting.
The vacuum table is the right table for thin and lightweight materials, such as paper, foils and films that generally do not lay flat on the surface.

6. Ferromagnetic table

The ferromagnetic construction allows mounting thin materials such as paper, films or foils with magnets to ensure an even and flat surface. Even working is essential for achieving optimal results for laser engraving and marking applications.

7. Honeycomb Cutting Tabletop

The honeycomb tabletop is especially suitable for applications that require minimal back reflections and optimum flatness of the material, like for example the cutting of membrane switches. The honeycomb tabletop is recommended in use with a vacuum table.

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