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Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Dye-sublimation Printed Fabrics and Textiles Cutting

Jan. 18, 2020

Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations on processing digital printing sublimation fabrics such as sportswear, fashion garment, stripe matching & plaid matching, etc. Nowadays Vision laser cutting machine becomes an ideal choice for the materials of all shapes and sizes.


Mimo CAD vision scanning laser system solves the problem of position deviation, rotation angle, and elastic stretching during the cutting process.

Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Dye-sublimation Printed Fabrics and Textiles Cutting

How Scanning Laser Cutter work automatically?

  1. 1. Loading the dye-sublimated roll fabrics to the conveyor working table of laser cutter with auto-feeder.

  2. 2. HD Cameras scan the fabrics, detect and recognize the printed contour, and send the information to the laser cutter.

  3. 3. Set the cutting parameters. Press "start" button on the laser cutter. Then the laser cutting machine will do cutting automatically.

  4. 4. Laser cutting and repeat the whole process.


What advantages can Mimo Vision Laser Cutting Machine bring to you?

- Save tool cost and labor cost

- Simplify your production, automatic cutting for roll fabrics

- High output (500 sets of jersey per day per shift - only for reference)

- No required the original graphics files

- High precision


In addition to the above applications, Mimo Vision Laser Cutting Machine can also be applied in jersey, swimwear, cycling apparel, team uniforms, sports shoes, banners, flags, bags, suitcases, soft toys, etc. Mimowork laser cutting system gives you the capability to create custom prototypes and mass produce your application, no matter how small or large it is. You'll receive the highest-precision cutting, accuracy, and product consistency that you deserve.