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Why DIY wood workshop is popular again

Oct. 09, 2020

Why DIY wood workshop is popular again?cid=6

Although making wood handicrafts has already been a popular hobby and there is more than 4 million wood workshop in the USA, DIY (Do It Yourself) activities and classes for kids or even adults are still in great demand. The Main 3 reasons are as below:

1. Demand for meaningful gifts

A handmade product is always one of the best choices for gifts. Differing from gift shops, workshops advocate a new consumption concept of DIY. The selling point is not the product itself, but the process of making it, turning their creativity into reality, and experiencing the joy of creation. It not only gives you a sense of pride but also gives happiness to the one who receives your present.

Why DIY wood workshop is popular again?cid=6

2. Demand for activities that are good for one’s soul

4–7 years old is the most creative period for children and is the freest and fastest stage of creative development. In the process of woodworking, children can develop their brain space thinking ability and realize creativity and inspiration by measuring and calculating parts, drawing sketches, cutting, assembling, and polishing. For adults, it is easy to participate in woodworking, immersed in thinking, get into a flow, being in meditation, so that you can feel a sense of calm and develop a stable emotional state.

Why DIY wood workshop is popular again?cid=6

3. Demand for being unique

With the development of modern society, people have begun to pursue higher cultural consumption. Millennials refused to attach general labels to their life or refuse to be similar. They favor individual and fashionable lifestyles. This is a generation of creativity, and everyone can be a designer. This enables the DIY industry to unprecedented development opportunities.

Why DIY wood workshop is popular again?cid=6

You are your worker when you DIY. The cost of materials may be your only expense. Therefore, the most important thing for you is to choose the right tool. Then laser cutting machine might be a good assistant.

In terms of versatility, people can make many kinds of woodworks as gifts by laser cutting and engraving technology. Also, many of the laser cutting machines are equipped with friendly HMI (Human-Machine Interface). It is a good opportunity for kids and amateurs to get familiar with the production tool. Last but not the least, due to the fact of thermal cutting, the laser system can bring exceptional design elements in wood products with dark-colored cutting edges and brownish colored engravings to make sure your work is unique. You can check Mimowork for more information and instruction on laser cutting and engraving wood

Why DIY wood workshop is popular again?cid=6

There is no limit in DIY. Just let your imagination run wild!