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Laser Perforation on Athletic Apparel

Besides precise cutting, perforation is also an important function in cloth processing. Perforating not only enhances functionality of the sportswear but also can make all your creations show on it. The perforating process can not only increase the breathability of sportswear but also increase the sense of design.
Perforated ClothFor perforating, punching machines or CNC cutters are commonly used in the market for perforating. However, the holes made by the puncher are not cut through, and it is tedious to replace different tools. CNC knife cutting can also cut perforation but it’s exactly hard for CNC knife to cut micro holes. In addition, when CNC knife cutting machines cut expensive elastic fabrics, the fabrics will be deformed by being squeezed by the cutter, which will cause great cutting deviation. Due to the flexibility of laser processing, laser is the best choice to perforate holes on athletic apparel.
Perforated Cloth

Advantages of Laser Perforating Athletic Apparel

Laser is computer controlled realizes easily switching in any perforation design layout.

The detailed laser beam makes the cutting freedom extremely high.

Because the laser is non-contact processing, it will not deform the fabric when punching expensive elastic fabrics.

Since the laser is heat-treated, all cutting edges will be sealed that ensures smooth cutting edges.

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