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Laser Cutting Sandpaper and Laser Perforating Sandpaper Disc

The dust extraction of the sanding process is always one of the most important parts of the automotive market, the most common disc 5’’ or 6’’ ensures superior dust and debris extraction. The traditional cutting way is rotary die-cutting, the tools cost thousands of dollars and these dies wore out really fast which makes the cost of the production extremely high. How to realize lower cost production is a challenge, our high-speed multi heads GALVO laser, change the die-cutting history.
Sandpaper Sanding Disc

Common Sandpaper Sanding Disc Types

Extra Coarse Sandpaper, Coarse Sandpaper, Medium Sandpaper, Extra Fine Sandpapers

Key Importance of Laser Cutting and Perforating for Fabric Duct

Precisely and delicately cut fine patterns

Flexible cutting and perforating

Suitable for small batches/standardization

No tool wear

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