Sublimation Fabrics Laser Cutter

Sublimation Fabrics Laser Cutter

Sublimation Fabrics Laser Cutter

The 2023 Newest Sublimation Laser Cutting Technology

Super Camera Laser Cutter for Sportswear

✦ Updated Dual-Y-Axis Laser Heads

✦ 0 Delay Time - Continuous Processing

✦ High Automation - Less Labors

The sublimation fabric laser cutter is equipped with HD camera and extended collection table, that is more efficient and convenient for the whole laser cutting sportswear or other sublimation fabrics. We updated the dual laser heads into Dual-Y-Axis, which is more suitable for laser cutting sportswear, and further enhances cutting efficiency without any interference or delay.

More thoughtful designs about the camera laser cutting machine, check out the video to find more!

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How Laser Cut Sublimation Fabrics

Let's go and see

Sublimation Laser Cutting Machine

Working Area (W *L) 1600mm * 1200mm (62.9” * 47.2”)
Max Material Width 1600mm (62.9”)
Laser Power 100W
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube
Mechanical Control System Belt Transmission & Step Motor Drive
Working Table Mild Steel Conveyor Working Table
Max Speed 1~400mm/s
Acceleration Speed 1000~4000mm/s2

>> Other machine sizes available

Sublimation Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Power: 100W / 130W / 150W

Working Area: 1600mm * 1200mm (62.9” * 47.2”)

Laser Power: 100W / 130W / 300W

Working Area: 1800mm * 1300mm (70.87’’ * 51.18’’)

Laser Power: 100W / 130W / 300W

Working Area: 1800mm * 1300mm (70.87’’ * 51.18’’)

Why Laser Cutting Sublimation Contours

Are you struggling with Shrinkage or Stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles?

Are you troubled by the Slow, Inconsistent, and Labor-intensive manual cutting of each part?

Do you want to skip the procedure of Trimming Fabric Edges?

" Let our smart Vision Laser Cutter help you ”

Perfect Cutting the Printed Fabrics in Rolls

Operation Guide:


Feed Sublimation Sportswear in rolls


HD Camera Takes Photos


Cut along the Contours


Collect Pieces

With the Vision Sublimation Laser Cutter, cut error from fabrics shrinkage can be avoided by accurate laser cutting along the printed contour.


Pattern Recogniton

Contour Cutting

Other benefits you can achieve


Clean and flat edge


Any-angle circular cutting


Contactless cutting VS manual cutting

  Fine and sealed cutting edge thanks to contactless thermal cutting

  Automatic processing - improving efficiency and saving labors

  Continuous materials cutting through the auto-feeder and conveyor system

✔  No materials fixation with the vacuum table

  Clean and no-dust processing environment due to the exhaust fan

  Intact surface without any stain and distortion with non-contact processing

Any question to laser cutting sublimation fabrics?

Let us know and offer further advice and solutions for you!

Comment from client

client comment 03

Jay has been of tremendous help with our purchase, direct import, and setup of our dual head laser machine for textile cutting. With no direct local service personnel, we were worried we would not be able to install or manage the machine or that it would not be up to scratch, but the excellent support and customer service from Jay and the laser technicians made the whole installation straightforward, fast and relatively easy.
Before this machine arrived we had ZERO experience with laser cutting machines. The machine is now installed, set up, aligned, and we are producing quality work on it every day now -it is a very nice machine and does its job well. Any issue or question we have, Jay is right there to help us with and along with its intended purpose(cutting sublimation lycra) we have done things with this machine we never imagined possible.
We can without reservation recommend the Mimowork laser machine as a commercial quality viable piece of equipment, and Jay is a credit to the company and has given us excellent service and support at every point of contact.
Highly recommend
Troy and the Team - Australia

Compatible Sublimation Materials & Applications


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