Material Marking

Material Marking

Material Marking

To be convenient for marking on the materials, MimoWork provides two laser options for your laser cutter machine. Using marker pens and inkjet options, you can mark workpieces to simplify subsequent laser cutting and engraving production. Especially in the case of sewing marks in the textile manufacturing sector.

Suitable Materials: Polyester, Polypropylenes, TPU, Acrylic and almost all Synthetic Fabrics

Mark Pen Module


R&D for most of the laser-cut pieces, especially for textiles. You can use the marker pen to make the marks on the cutting pieces, enabling the workers to sew easily. You can also use it to make special marks such as the serial number of the product, the size of the product, the manufacture date of the product and etc.

Features and Highlights

• Different colors can be used

• High degree of marking accuracy

• Easy to change mark pen

• Mark Pen can be obtained easily

• Lower cost


Ink-jet printed Module

It is widely used commercially for marking and coding products and packages. A high-pressure pump directs liquid ink from a reservoir through a gun-body and a microscopic nozzle, creating a continuous stream of ink droplets via the Plateau-Rayleigh instability.

Comparing with the 'marker pen', the ink-jet printing technology is a non-touch process, so it can be used for many more different types of materials. And there are different inks for an option such as volatile ink and non-volatile ink, so you can use it in different industries. 

Features and Highlights

• Different colors can be used

• No distortion thanks to contact-free marking

• Quick-drying ink, indelible

• High degree of marking accuracy

• Different inks/colors can be used

• Faster than using marking pen


Video | How to inkjet marking your material with a laser cutter

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Pick up the suitable option to mark or label your materials!

MimoWork is committed to getting actual production conditions and developing professional laser solutions to help you. There are laser machine systems and laser options to choose according to specific demands. You can check these or directly inquire us for laser advice!

How to choose the marker pen and ink jet for your laser cutter
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