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Is my material suitable for laser processing?

You can check our material library for more information. You can also send us your material and design files, we will give you a more detailed test report to discuss the possibility of the laser, the efficiency of using a laser cutter, the solution best fits your production.

Are your laser systems CE certificated?

All of our machines are CE-registered and FDA-registered. Not just filing the applications for a piece of document, we manufacture each machine according to the CE standard strictly. Chat with MimoWork’s laser system consultant, they will show you what the CE standards are really about.

What is the HS (harmonized system) code for laser machines?

The HS code of each country will be slightly different. You can visit your government tariff website of the international trade commission. Regularly, laser CNC machines will be listed in Chapter 84 (machinery and mechanical appliances) Section 56 of HTS BOOK.

Will it be safe to transport the dedicated laser machine by sea?

The answer is YES! Before packing, we will spray engine oil on the iron-based mechanical parts for rust proofing. Then wrapping the machine body with the anti-collision membrane. For the wooden case, we use strong plywood (thickness of 25mm) with a wooden pallet, also convenient to unload the machine after arrival.

What do I need for overseas shipping?

1. Laser machine weight, size & dimension
2. Customs check & proper documentation (we will send you the commercial invoice, the packing list, the customs declaration forms, and other documents necessary)
3. Freight Agency (you can assign your own or we can introduce our professional shipping agency)

What do I need to prepare before the arrival of the new machine?

Investing laser system for the first time can be tricky, our team will send you the machine layout and installation handbook (e.g. power connection, ventilation instruction) in advance. You are also welcome to clarify your questions directly with our technical specialists.

Do I need heavy-duty equipment for transport and installation?

You only need the forklift for unloading the cargo at your factory. The land transportation company will prepare in general. For installation, our laser system mechanical design simplifies your installation process to the greatest extent, you do not need any heavy-duty equipment.

What should I do if something goes wrong with the machine?

After placing orders, we will assign you one of our experienced service technicians. You can consult him about the use of the machine. If you can’t find his contact information, you can always send emails to Our technical specialists will get back to you within 36 hours.

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