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Laser Cutting for Digital Printing

Sublimation Leggings - Dual Heads Contour Laser Cutting

Dual Laser Heads • Contour Recgnition • Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Pillowcase - Mark Positioning Laser Cutting

CCD Camera • Mark Positioning • Clean & Accurate Edge

Printing Patch Foil - Contour Laser Cutting

Contour Recgnition • Sportswear Patch • Customized Table

Wide Laser Compatibility for Printing Materials

polyester, spandex,  vinyl, tackle twill, wood, acrylic, glass, nylon, silk, textiles, plastic…

Laser Cutting for Composite Materials

Sandpaper - Laser Cutting and Perforating

Aerospace • Automotive • Construction • Sports Equipment

Filter Cloth - Dual Heads Laser Cutting

Dual Heads • High Efficiency • Flexible Shape Cutting

Felt Gasket - Dual Heads Laser Cutting

High Efficiency • Flexible Shape Cutting • Clean Edge

Wide Laser Compatibility for Composite Materials

filter cloth, fabric duct, insulation materials, foam, sandpaper, felt, CFRP, fiberglass, mineral wool, spacer fabrics

Laser Cutting for Clothing & Home Textiles

Sublimation Pillowcase - Contour Laser Cutting

Contour Recgnition • Precise Cutting • Sublimation Printing

Embroidery Patch - Mark Positioning Laser Cutting

CCD Camera • Mark Positioning • Consistent Pattern Cutting

Leather Footwear - Laser Cutting and Perforating

Subtle Hollow Pattern • Smooth Edge • Continuous Processing

Wide Laser Compatibility for Textile Fabrics

polyester, aramid, Kevlar, Cordura®, Velcro, EVA, cotton, spandex, silk, fleece, synthetical textiles, knitted fabrics, plush, leather

Laser Cutting for Automotive & Aviation

Leather Seat Cover - Laser Cutting

Saving Materials • Multi-Shapes Cutting • Fine Incision

Heated Car Seat - Template Matching Laser Cutting

Non-Woven with Copper Wire • Template Matching • Enclosed Design

Cordura® Spliced Mat - Laser Cutting

Clean Edge • Seamless Joint • Flexible Shape Cutting

Wide Laser Compatibility for Automotive & Aviation Materials

non-woven, 3D mesh cloth, foam, polyester, leather, foil, film, polypropylene, fiberglass,  polyurethane, polycarbonate…

Laser Cutting for Advertising & Gifts

Acrylic LED Display - Laser Engraving & Cutting

Smooth & Clean Edge • Subtle Patterns • Crystal Surface

Acrylic Snowflake - Laser Cutting and Engraving

Flame-Polished Edge • Steady Cutting • No Post-Processing

Wood Decoration Painting - Laser Engraving

Intricate Pattern Details • Fast Engraving • Constant Processing

Wide Laser Compatibility for Advertising & Gifts

acrylic, paper, wood, print textiles, foil, film, vinyl, and other composites

Laser Cutting for Outdoor Equipment

TPU for Football - Template Matching Laser Cutting

Flexible Nesting • HIgh Repeating Precision • No Friction

Skiwear - Contour Laser Cutting

Sublimation Fabrics • Contour Recognition • No Deformation

Cordura® Vest - Independent Dual Heads Laser Cutting

High Effeciency • Multi-Shape Cutting • Tidy & Clean Edge

Wide Laser Compatibility for Outdoor Equipment

parachute, boat sail, tent, marine mat, sleeping bag, backpack, and sports safety, kite, glove, soccer coat

MimoWork Laser Cutter Collection

Contour Laser Cutter with Enclosed Design

Enclosed Design • HD Canon Camera • Contour Recognition

Flatbed Laser Cutter - MimoWork Laser Collection

Customized Table • Optional CCD Camera • Pass-Through Design

MimoWork Laser Cutter

Contour Laser Cutter

Flatbed Laser Cutter

Galvo Laser Marker

Digital Laser Die Cutter

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