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Outdoor Equipment

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In the outdoor equipment industry, the biggest concern of manufacturers is whether the products meet the standard of safety and quality. It is worth to note in selection for raw materials and processing techniques. Characterized by the high precision and high speed, the laser cutter has been widely used in the cutting natural fabrics and composite fabrics. There is a satisfaction of remaining the materials performance intact by non-contact laser cutting which ensure the materials flat and no damage of stress. Also, the industrial laser cutter has excellent cutting penetration regardless of the toughest fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar. By setting proper laser power, crisp fabric laser cutting with high speed is accessible.

Besides the outdoor sportswear, backpack, and helmet, MimoWork Laser can handle the large format of outdoor gear such as parachute, paragliding, kiteboard, sailing with the support of customized working table. During actual laser cutting, the auto-feeder can feed the roll fabrics to the cutting table without any manual intervention, greatly enhancing the production efficiency.

▍ Application Examples

—— outdoor equipment laser cutting


- Parachute

parachute, paragliding

(ripstop nylon, silk, canvasKevlar, Dacron)

canopies, winter tent, camping tent


- Marine mat

boarding mat, yacht mat, boat mat, decking sheet, marine flooring (EVA)



- Sail


- Others

kitesurfing, backpack, sleeping bag, gloves, sports ware, soccer coat, bulletproof vest, helmet


Other Related Materials:

Can Cordura be Laser Cut?

Dive into the fascinating world of laser cutting as we explore the capabilities of Cordura in this exhilarating video! Witness the precision and efficiency as we test-cut 500D Cordura, unveiling the incredible results achieved with a laser. Gain valuable insights into the process and discover the versatility of laser-cutting technology on Cordura fabric.

But that's not all – we go a step further and showcase the laser-cutting magic on a molle plate carrier, demonstrating its compatibility with intricate designs and patterns.

▍ MimoWork Laser Machine Glance

◼ Working Area: 3200mm * 1400mm

◻ Suitable for contour laser cutting printed sailing, printed kite board

◼ Working Area: 1600mm * 3000mm

◻ Suitable for laser cutting functional apparel, tent, sleepbag

◼ Working Area: 1600mm * Infinity

◻ Suitable for laser marking and engraving on marine mat, carpet

Why MimoWork?

Stable and strong laser structure ensures the stable operation and long service life

Dual laser heads and four laser heads are optional to realize more efficient laser cutting

Printed pattern fabric can be laser cut along the contour depending on the optical recognition system

Auto feeder and conveyor table allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate

Galvo laser engraver machines offer continuous laser marking with fast speed

Non contact laser cutting keeps the intact material from damage, so does laser head

Laser thermal treatments guarantee clean edge and eliminate re-polishing

MimoWork offers rich laser resource and information to make it convenient to better understand for laser enthusiasts and industrial fabricators.


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