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Outdoor Equipment

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In the outdoor equipment industry, the biggest concern of manufacturers is whether the products meet the standard of safety and quality. It is a huge challenge for not only raw material supply but also for processing technic. Laser cutting techonology has successfully captured the favor of many outdoor equipment manufacturers thanks to its non-contact processing and fine incision. You can achieve excellent cutting quality without material distortion or performance damage.

Mimo-laser has been developing and innovating on laser systems adaptability for various materials sizes and flexible applications. Different materials and formats are benefited from flexible working areas. MimoWork has exploited diverse working tables and featured put-through structure to meet every requirement from large format parachute, boat sail, middle format tent, marine mat to small size sleeping bag, backpack, and sports safety.


Application examples


- Parachute



- Tent

canopies, winter tent, camping tent


- Marine mat

boarding mat, yacht mat, boat mat, decking sheet, marine flooring


- Sail


- Others

kite, backpack, sleeping bag, gloves, sports ware, soccer coat

Video of laser cutting CORDURA® fabric

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Why MimoWork?

MimoWork Smart Vision System guarantees accurate contour recognition and precise pattern cutting effect

No crushing and breaking of material due to contactless processing

Laser thermal treatments guarantee no fraying edges

Engraving, marking, and cutting can be realized in single processing

No materials fixation thanks to MimoWork vacuum working table

Automatic feeding allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate

Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

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