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Composite Materials

Composite Materials

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Plentiful and extensive composites make up for the deficiency of natural materials in functions and properties, for one thing, the other brings about more new, excellent, and ample scopes for abilities in industry, automotive, aviation, and civilian areas. For that, traditional production methods like knife cutting, die-cutting, punching, and even manual processing are far from meeting demands in quality and processing speed because of diversity and changeable shapes & sizes for composite materials. By means of ultra-high processing precision and automatic & digital control systems, laser cutting machines score absolute success in processing composite materials and become ideal and preferential choices together with single and integrated processing in cutting and perforating.

Another important point for laser machines is that inherent thermal processing guarantees sealed and smooth edges without fray and breakage while eliminating superfluous unnecessary costs in post-treatment and time.


Application examples

filter cloth, air Filter, filter bag, filter mesh, paper filter, cabin air, trimming, gasket, filter mask, filter foam

air distributing, anti-flaming, anti-microbial, antistatic

reciprocating engines, gas and steam turbines, pipe insulation, engine compartments, industrial insulation, marine insulation, aerospace insulation, automotive insulation, acoustic insulation, exhaust systems

extra coarse sandpaper, coarse sandpaper, medium sandpaper, extra fine sandpapers

Video of laser application on composite materials

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Why MimoWork?

MimoWork Smart Vision System guarantees accurate contour recognition and precise pattern cutting effect

No crushing and breaking of material due to contactless processing

Laser thermal treatments guarantee no fraying edges

Engraving, marking, and cutting can be realized in single processing

No materials fixation thanks to MimoWork vacuum working table

Automatic feeding allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate

Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

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