Composite Materials

Composite Materials

Composite Materials

(laser cutting, laser engraving, laser perforating)

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Plentiful and extensive composite materials make up for the deficiency of natural materials in functions and properties, playing important parts in industry, automotive, aviation, and civilian areas. Based on that, traditional production methods like knife cutting, die-cutting, punching, and manual processing are far from meeting demands in quality and processing speed because of diversity and changeable shapes & sizes for composite materials. By means of ultra-high processing precision and automatic & digital control systems, laser cutting machines stand out in processing composite materials and become the ideal and preferred choice. Together with integrated processing in laser cutting, engraving and perforating, versatile laser cutter can quickly responds the market requirements with fast & flexible processing.

Another important point for laser machines is that inherent thermal processing guarantees sealed and smooth edges without fray and breakage while eliminating unnecessary costs in post-treatment and time.

▍ Application Examples

—— laser cutting composites

filter cloth, air Filter, filter bag, filter mesh, paper filter, cabin air, trimming, gasket, filter mask, filter foam

air distributing, anti-flaming, anti-microbial, antistatic

reciprocating engines, gas and steam turbines, pipe insulation, engine compartments, industrial insulation, marine insulation, aerospace insulation, automotive insulation, acoustic insulation

extra coarse sandpaper, coarse sandpaper, medium sandpaper, extra fine sandpapers

Video Demonstrations

Laser Cutting Composites - Foam Cushion

Cutting Foam like a Professional

▍ MimoWork Laser Machine Glance

◼ Working Area: 1600mm * 1000mm

◻ Suitable for laser cutting composite materials, industrial materials

◼ Working Area: 1600mm * 3000mm

◻ Suitable for laser cutting composite materials of large formats

◼ Working Area: 1600mm * Infinity

◻ Suitable for laser marking, perforating on the composite materials

Why MimoWork?

MimoWork provides customized laser cutting table in types and sizes according to your specific materials

Cooperated with the auto-feeder, conveyor system make it possible to continuously process without intervention.

Laser heat treatment timely seals the incision, leading to clean and smooth edge.

No crushing and breaking of material due to non-contact processing

MimoWork is committed to material research and materials testing to better serve clients.

Engraving, marking, and cutting can be realized in single processing

Fast Index for materials

There are some composite materials adaptable to laser cutting: foam, felt, fiberglass, spacer fabricsfiber-reinforced-materials, laminated composite materials, synthetic fabric, non-woven, nylon, polycarbonate

Common Questions about Laser Cutting Composite Materials

> Can laser cutting be used for all types of composite materials?

Laser cutting is effective for a wide range of composite materials, including fiber-reinforced plastics, carbon fiber composites, and laminates. However, the specific composition and thickness of the material can influence the suitability of laser cutting.

> How does laser cutting affect the integrity of composite structures?

Laser cutting typically produces clean and precise edges, minimizing damage to the structural integrity of composite materials. The focused laser beam helps prevent delamination and ensures a high-quality cut.

> Are there limitations on the thickness of composite materials that can be laser cut?

Laser cutting is well-suited for thin to moderately thick composite materials. The thickness capability depends on the laser power and the specific type of composite. Thicker materials may require more powerful lasers or alternative cutting methods.

> Does laser cutting produce harmful byproducts when working with composite materials?

Laser cutting of composites can produce fumes, and the nature of these byproducts depends on the composition of the material. Adequate ventilation and appropriate fume extraction systems are recommended to ensure a safe working environment.

> How does laser cutting contribute to precision in composite parts manufacturing?

Laser cutting provides high precision due to the focused and concentrated laser beam. This precision allows for intricate designs and detailed cuts, making it an ideal method for producing accurate and complex shapes in composite components.

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