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The advertising & gifts industry has been opposing multitudinous materials that play diverse roles and functions of many applications from mental to non-mental involving textiles, foil, film, acrylic, paper, wood, and other composites. Generally, the laser is regarded as the optimal tool for mental sheet and board cutting and marking that can be used in advertising signages and brand signs acting as facades. While adaptive and flexible laser processing gradually becomes a significant part with precise cutting, high digital automation, and no limitation on sizes and shapes in the production of the acrylic lightbox, display, billboard advertising, guide sign, promotional billboard, brand soft signage, bus shelter advertisement, banner, flag, etc.

Not only that, personalized crafts and gifts used by laser cut enjoy popularity due to flexible customization and perfect cutting and engraving quality that traditional tool is hard to reach. Like a 3D greeting card, acrylic model, wooden toy.


What are the benefits of laser cutting for advertising technology?

Application examples

architectural model construction, company labeling, lightbox, light guide plate, backlight panel, delicate trophies, digital printing billboard, print decorations, outdoor billboards, product stand, retailer signs, bracket, cosmetic stand, partition screens

sublimation banner, flag, teardrop flag, pennant, posters, billboards, exhibition displays, fabric frames, backdrops, soft signage, acrylic display, wood crafts, decorative picture, background screen, wall covering, felt gifts, decorative painting

woodwork, crafts, die boards, architectural models, furniture, toys, decorating veneer inlays, instruments, storage box, wood tag, jigsaw puzzle, print woodwork

3D greeting card, greeting card, invitation card, paper artware, paper lantern, kirigami, cardboard, paperboard, package, business card, book covers, table card

Self-adhesive foil, double adhesive foil, display protection film, decorative film, reflective film, back film, lettering film

60 seconds overview of laser application on advertising materials

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Why MimoWork?

MimoWork Smart Vision System guarantees accurate contour recognition and precise pattern cutting effect

No crushing and breaking of material due to contactless processing

Laser thermal treatments guarantee no fraying edges

Engraving, marking, and cutting can be realized in single processing

No materials fixation thanks to MimoWork vacuum working table

Automatic feeding allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate

Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

We’ve designed laser systems for dozens of clients
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