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CCD Camera Recognition System

CCD Camera Recognition System

CCD Camera Recognition System

Why You Need CCD Camera Recognition System?


A lot of applications require an accurate cutting effect no matter in the industrial or apparel industry. For exsample.adhesive products, stickers, embroidery patches, labels, and twill numbers. Usually these products are not produced in small quantities. Therefore, cutting by conventional method would be a time-consuming and taxing task. MimoWork develops CCD camera location system via registration marks recognition and location, helping you save time and increase the cutting accuracy at the same time.

The CCD camera is equipped beside the laser head to search for the workpiece using registration marks at the start of the cutting procedure. Through this way, printed, woven and embroidered fiducial marks as well as other high-contrast contours can be visually scanned so that laser can know where the actual position and dimension of the work pieces are, achieving a precise cutting effect.

With CCD Camera Recognition System, You Can

  Accurately locate the cutting item according to the mark points

  Precise cutting by the outline

  High processing speed together with short software setup time

  Compensation of thermal deformation, stretching, shrinkage in materials

  Minimal error with digital system control


Example for How to Position the Pattern by CCD Camera

CCD Camera can recognize and locate the printed pattern on the wood board to assist the laser with accurate cutting. Wood signage, plaques, artwork and wood photo made of printed wood can be easily processed.

Production Process

Step 1 .


>> Directly print your pattern on the wood board

Step 2 .


>> CCD Camera assists the laser to cut your design

Step 3 .


>> Collect your finished pieces

Video Demonstration

As it is an automatic process,few technical skills are required for the operator. One who can operate a computer can complete this task. The whole process is very simple and easy for the operator to control. You can have a brief understanding of how we make this happen through the 3-min video below!


Any questions for CCD Camera Recognition?

Additional Function - Compensation of Inaccuracy

The CCD system also has a function of distortion compensation.With this function,it is possible for the laser to compensate for processing distortion such as heat transfer,printing,or the like distortion by means of the designed and actual comparison of the pieces thanks to the intelligent evaluation of the CCD Camera Recognition System.The system can achieve under 0.5mm tolerance for distortion pieces.This greatly ensures cutting quality.

Compensation of inaccuracies

Suitable Applications & Materials


Embroidery Patch

Heat Transfer Patch

Twill Numbers & Letter

Printed Acrylic




Printed Adhesive Products

Printed Textile

Printed Leather

Printed Plastic




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