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Contour Laser Cutter-Fully Enclosed

Improved Safety in Use


The fully enclosed structure is added to the conventional Vision Laser Cutting Machine. There are 3 areas of improvement in performence of this contour laser cutter:

1. Safety of Operator

2. Clean working environment and better dust exhausting effect

3. Better optical recognition ability

For this reason, the fully enslosure design is the ideal choice to consider when you want to invest a MimoWork Contour Laser Cutter for your dye sublimation fabric production projects. Not just for cutting printed fabric with high color-contrast contours, for patterns that are unrecognizable regularly, for inconspicuous feature point matching, for special recognition requirment, this laser cutter would be a good shot.


Product Detail

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Fast and Precise Cutting of Dye Sublimated Textiles

MimoWork cares about your working safety


The fully enclosed body design determines the safety guarantee in cutting production


The great exhausting system can separate and filter the exhaust gas generated during cutting to the greatest extent


Integrated with high speed, reliable performance, and qualified features, flexible processing each order.


MimoWork intelligent cutting system can meet your demands of personalized orders to produce standard unified products.

Technical Data

Working Area (W *L) 1800mm * 1300mm (70.87’’ * 51.18’’)
Max Material Width 1800mm ( 70.87’’ )
Laser Power 100W/ 130W/ 150W/ 300W
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube / RF Metal Tube
Mechanical Control System Belt Transmission & Servo Motor Drive
Working Table Mild Steel Conveyor Working Table
Max Speed 1~400mm/s
Acceleration Speed 1000~4000mm/s2

* Dual Laser Head option available

D&R for flexible materials, especially stretch textile


Enclosure Door

With the special design of fully enclosed door, the Contour Laser Cutter can ensure a better exhausting and further improve the recognition effect of the HD camera to avoid vignetting that affects the contour recognition in the case of poor lighting condition. Door on all four sides of the machine can be opened, which will not affect daily maintenance and cleaning.

The most unique feature of Contour laser cutter is the Camera Recognition function, so with the reasonable size of the machine design, the lighting will get better results in the closed design. Regardless of various materials and printed graphics, they will be better recognized and will not have dark corner lights.


Go Green

With the closed design and Mimo's powerful exhaust system work together to keep your factory's production environment always fresh. Especially if you need CE standard processing conditions due to local policies, the fully enclosed contour laser cutter will be your best choice. With our correct exhaust system, the smoke and dust generated during the processing can be cleanly treated, which means that more and more ecological problems in environmental protection and compliance with anti-pollution laws can be solved.

Video of Laser Cutting Heated Car Seats

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Fields of Application

Laser Cutting for Your Industry

Your popular and wise manufacturing direction


Automatically recognize the woven copper wire and detect the cutting area


Laser can perfect cut spacer fabric with sealed edges


Suitable for small batches car seat order, no need for making new mould


Your popular and wise manufacturing direction


Versatile and flexible laser treatments broaden the breadth of your business


No limitation on shape, size, and pattern meets the demand for unique products


Value-added laser abilities like engraving, perforating, marking suitable for entrepreneurs and small business

of Contour Laser Cutter-Fully Enclosed


Polyester Fabric, Spandex, Leather, Plastic, Paper, Wood, Acrylic, and other Non-metal Materials


Active Wear, Leggings, Sportswear (Cycling Wear, Hockey Jerseys, Baseball Jerseys, Basketball Jerseys, Soccer Jerseys, Volleyball Jerseys, Lacrosse Jerseys, Ringette Jerseys), Uniforms, Swimwear, Arm Sleeves, Leg Sleeves, Bandanna, Headband, Dye Sublimation Pillow, Rally Pennants, Face Cover, Masks

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