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MimoWork specializes in designing laser solutions for non-metal material processing in the field of advertisement, automotive & aviation, fashion & apparel, digital printing, filter cloth industry, etc.

We offer customized and specialized laser cutting machines for varieties of demands to optimize our customers' operation and production.

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The MimoWork Service team always puts our clients’ needs above our own from the initial material testing stage through to the start-up of the laser system.

For 20 years, MimoWork has been dedicated to push
the limits of laser technology with new business

Mimo insights

  • How much does a laser machine cost?

    How much does a laser machine cost? Whether you are a manufacturer or owner of a craft workshop, regardless of the production method you are currently using (CNC Routers, Die Cutters, Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, etc), you probably h...

  • Laser Creates More Possibility for Customization

    Laser Creates More Possibility for Customization Nowadays customization has been main trend in daily life, whether it’s clothing style and decoration accessories. Putting customers'requirements into the production process is the cor...

laser knowledge

  • How to extend the service life of your CO2 glass laser tube

    As one of the earliest gas lasers developed, the carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) is one of the most useful types of lasers for processing non-metal materials. The CO2 gas as the laser-active medium plays an important role in the process of ...

  • How much does a laser machine cost?

    According to different laser working materials, laser cutting equipment can be divided into solid laser cutting equipment and gas laser cutting equipment. According to the different working methods of the laser, it is divided into continuous...

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