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MimoWork specializes in designing laser solutions for metal and non-metal material cutting, engraving, marking, welding and cleaning in the field of digital printing, advertisement, automotive & aviation, fashion & apparel, metal application, etc.

We offer customized and specialized laser machines for varieties of demands to optimize and upgrade our customers' operation and production.

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The MimoWork Service team always puts our clients’ needs above our own from the initial material testing stage through to the start-up of the laser system.

For 20 years, MimoWork has been dedicated to push
the limits of laser technology with new business

Mimo insights

  • Cutting Patch With MimoWork

    Laser Cut Patch Style Your Clothes in Fashion with Laser Cut Patches They can be used with almost anything you're about to see, including jeans, coats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, backpacks, and even phone covers. They ...

  • Get it Done at once by Laser PCB Engraving

    Get it Done at once by Laser PCB Etching PCB, a foundational carrier of IC (Integrated Circuit), utilizes the conductive traces to reach circuit connection among the electronic components. Why is it a printed circuit card? the condu...

laser knowledge

  • How does Laser Cleaning Work

    Industrial laser cleaning is the process of shooting a laser beam on a solid surface to remove the unwanted substance. Since the price of the fiber laser source has dropped dramatically in the laser few years, the laser cleaners meet more an...

  • Laser Engraver VS Laser Cutter

    What makes a laser engraver different from a laser cutter?How to choose the laser machine for cutting and engraving?If you have such questions, you are probably considering investing in a laser...

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