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MimoWork specializes in designing laser solutions for metal and non-metal material cutting, engraving, marking, welding and cleaning in the field of digital printing, advertisement, automotive & aviation, fashion & apparel, metal application, etc.

We offer customized and specialized laser machines for varieties of demands to optimize and upgrade our customers' operation and production.

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The MimoWork Service team always puts our clients’ needs above our own from the initial material testing stage through to the start-up of the laser system.

For 20 years, MimoWork has been dedicated to push
the limits of laser technology with new business

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  • How to Determine CO2 Laser Lens Focal Length

    Hello guys, welcome to MimoWork. Many people often are confused with the focal length adjustment when using a laser machine. To answer the questions from clients, today we will explain the specific steps and some attention to how to find the...

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