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MimoCUT, the laser cutting software, was designed to simplify your cutting work. Simply uploading your vector files, MimoCUT will translate the defined lines, points, curves, and shapes into the programming language and guide the laser system to execute.

With MimoCUT, You Can


• Give processing instruction and control the laser system

• Evaluate production time

• Design cutting patterns with standard measurement

• Import multiple cutting files at one time with modification possibilities

• Auto-arrange cutting patterns with arrays of columns and rows


Support Files:

Vector: DXF, AI, PLT

Pixel: JPG, BMP

Why choose MimoCUT

Laser cutting can be excited but frustrated sometimes, especially for the first-time user. Slicing materials by adopting high concentrated laser light energy through optics sounds easy to understand, whereas operating the laser system with oneself can be overwhelming. Commanding the laser head to move according to the cut files and the laser tube to output stated power requires serious software programming. Keep user-friendly in mind, MimoWork puts many thoughts into software optimization.

Your Puzzle, We Care

Regarding the use of CNC routers or laser cutter, the differences in technology of control software for two-dimensional plane cutting are mainly reflected in the path optimization. All the cutting path algorithms in MimoCUT are developed and optimized with customer feedback from actual productions to improve customer productivity.

For the first use of our laser cutting software, we will assign professional technicians and arrange tutor sessions one on one. For learners at different stages, we will adjust the contents of learning materials and help you to master the cutting software quickly in the shortest time. If you are interested in our MimoCUT (laser cutting software), please feel free to contact us!

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