Wood Laser Cutter & Engraver

Wood Laser Cutter & Engraver

Wood Laser Cutter and Engraver

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Laser Cut Thick Plywood

Specificaion: Laser Cutting Machine for Wood

Working Area (W *L) 1300mm * 900mm (51.2” * 35.4 ”)
Software Offline Software
Laser Power 100W/150W/300W/
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube or CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical Control System Step Motor Belt Control
Working Table Honey Comb Working Table or Knife Strip Working Table
Max Speed 1~400mm/s
Acceleration Speed 1000~4000mm/s2

Laser Engraving Wood - DIY A Wood Table

Specification: Laser Engraver for Wood

Working Area (W *L)

1000mm * 600mm (39.3” * 23.6 ”)

1300mm * 900mm(51.2” * 35.4 ”)

1600mm * 1000mm(62.9” * 39.3 ”)

<Customized Table Sizes Available>


Offline Software

Laser Power


Laser Source

CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube

Mechanical Control System

Step Motor Belt Control

Working Table

Honey Comb Working Table or Knife Strip Working Table

Max Speed


Acceleration Speed


Package Size

1750mm * 1350mm * 1270mm



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What Benefits You can Get from Wood Laser Cutter?

laser cutting wood without any bure

Burr-free & smooth edge


Intricate shape cutting


Customized letters engraving

  No shavings – thus, easy cleaning up after processing

  Burr-free cutting edge

  Delicate engravings with super fine detailers

  No need to clamp or fix the wood

  No tool wear

Recommended Wood Laser Cutting Machine

• Laser Power: 100W/150W/300W

• Working Area: 1300mm * 900mm (51.2” * 35.4 ”)

• Laser Power: 150W/300W/500W

• Working Area: 1300mm * 2500mm (51” * 98.4”)

• Laser Power: 20W

• Working Area: 80mm * 80mm (3.15'' * 3.15'')

Added Value from MimoWork Laser Machine

CCD Camera: Capable of cutting and engraving the printed wood panel

✦ Mixed laser heads: Give you the accessibility to cut thin metal sheets as well

Lift Platform: Adjust the working table handily to make sure that any thickness of the material can be cut with the most appropriate laser distance.

Autofocus: Adjust the focus height automatically and realize a consistently high cutting quality when cutting materials of different thicknesses.

Working table: Strong, steady and durable to support any solid materials.

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# Tips to avoid burns

when wood laser cutting

1. Use high tack masking tape to cover the wood surface

2. Adjust the air compressor to assist you to blow out the ashes while cutting

3. Immerse the thin plywood or other woods in water before cutting

4. Increase the laser power and speed up the cutting speed at the same time

5. Use fine-tooth sandpaper to polish the edges after cutting

Suitable Wood Types for Laser Cutting and Engraving


• Hardwood

• Bamboo

• Balsa Wood

• Plywood

• Timber

• Veneers

• Solid Wood

Laminated Wood, Basswood, Beech, Cherry, Chipboard, Cork, Coniferous Wood,  Mahogany, Multiplex, Natural Wood, Oak, Obeche,  Precious Woods, Poplar, Pine, Teak, Walnut…


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Typical Applications for Wood Laser Cutting & Engraving

laser cutting wood applications

Wood Tag (Sign), Crafts, Wood Letter, Storage Box, Architectural Models

Video Gallery | What You Can Make with Wood Laser Cutter

Toys, Instruments, Wooden Photos, Furniture, Floor Veneer Inlays, Die Boards

laser cutting wood and laser engraving wood applications

▶ Laser Cutting Wood Crafts Gallery

▶ Laser Engraving Wood Crafts Gallery

Tutorial about Wood Laser Business - Make Money

Laser Cut 7 Layer of Plywood

Make Wood Photo Frames with laser

Laser Cut Holes in Thick Wood

Exquisite Laser Engraving Photo

Galvo Laser Engraving Picture on Wood

Make an Iron Man with wood laser cutter

Trend of Laser Cutting & Engraving on Wood

Why are woodworking factories and individual workshops increasingly investing in a laser system from MimoWork to their workspace? The answer is the versatility of the laser. Wood can be easily worked on laser and its tenacity makes it suitable to apply to many applications. You can make so many sophisticated creatures out of wood, such as advertising boards, art crafts, gifts, souvenirs, construction toys, architectural models, and many other daily commodities. What's more, due to the fact of thermal cutting, the laser system can bring exceptional design elements in wood products with dark-colored cutting edges and brownish-colored engravings.

Wood DecorationIn terms of creating extra value on your products, MimoWork Laser System can laser cut wood and laser engrave wood, which allows you to launch new products for a wide variety of industries. Unlike milling cutters, the engraving as a decorative element can be achieved within seconds by using a laser engraver. It also gives you the opportunities to take orders as small as one single unit customized product, as large as thousands of rapid productions in batches, all within affordable investing prices.


FAQ about laser cutting machine for wood

# Can a fiber laser cut wood?

Yes, a fiber laser can cut wood. When it comes to cutting and engraving wood, both CO2 lasers and fiber lasers are commonly used. But CO2 lasers are more versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including wood while keeping higher precision and speed. Fiber lasers are also often preferred for their precision and speed but can only cut thinner wood. Diode lasers are typically used for lower-power applications and may not be as suitable for heavy-duty wood cutting. The choice between CO2 and fiber lasers depends on factors like the thickness of the wood, desired speed, and level of detail needed for engraving. It's recommended to consider your specific needs and consult with experts to determine the best option for your woodworking projects. We have various-power laser machine up to 600W, that can cut through thick wood up to 25mm-30mm. Check out more information about the wood laser cutter.

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# How thick can laser cut wood?

A CO2 laser cutter is capable of cutting wood with a thickness of up to approximately 1 inch (25mm). However, the exact cutting depth can vary based on factors such as the laser's power, focal length, and the specific type and density of the wood being used. It's essential to consult the specifications of your CO2 laser cutter to determine its precise capabilities for cutting wood materials. If you have no idea, inquire us, and we are here to be your partner and laser consultant.

# How to laser engrave wood?

To laser engrave wood, follow these general steps:

1. Prepare Your Design: Create or import your design using graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Make sure your design is in vector format for precise engraving.

2. Select Wood: Choose a suitable type of wood for engraving. Lighter woods like birch, maple, or cherry tend to produce better contrast and results.

3. Set Up Laser Parameters: Configure your laser cutter settings. Adjust power, speed, and focus settings based on the type of wood and desired engraving depth. Test on a small scrap piece if needed.

4. Position the Wood: Place your wood piece onto the laser bed and secure it to prevent movement during engraving.

5. Focus the Laser: Adjust the laser's focal height to match the wood's surface. Many laser systems have an autofocus feature or a manual method. We have a Youtube video to give you a detailed laser guide. Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeiaiNrLnio&t=4s

Complete ideas to check out the page: How a Wood Laser Engraver Machine Can Transform Your Woodworking Business

# What software do I need for laser engraving?

When it comes to photo engraving, and wood engraving, LightBurn is your top choice for your CO2 laser engraver. Why? Its popularity is well-earned due to its comprehensive and user-friendly features. LightBurn excels in providing precise control over laser settings, allowing users to achieve intricate details and gradients when engraving wood photos. With its intuitive interface, it caters to both beginners and experienced users, making the engraving process straightforward and efficient. LightBurn's compatibility with a wide range of CO2 laser machines ensures versatility and ease of integration. It also offers extensive support and a vibrant user community, adding to its appeal. Whether you're a hobbyist or professional, LightBurn's capabilities and user-focused design make it a standout choice for CO2 laser engraving, especially for those captivating wood photo projects.

LightBurn Tutorial for laser engraving photo

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