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Working Table

Working Table

Working Table

Working tables are modular designed for your machine to be a highly efficient and powerful laser ‘Transformers’.

Shuttle Table for Laser Cutting Machines


The process of loading and unloading material from a laser cutting table can be a inefficient labor.

Given a single cutting table, the machine must come to a complete halt until these processes have been completed. During this idle time, you are wasting a lot of time and money. In order to solve this problem and increase overall productivity, you may need a shuttle table to expedite the process.

MimoWork introduces a pass-through shuttle table that facilitates the loading and unloading of materials which can minimize or eliminate downtime. We designed various sizes to suit every single size of MimoWork laser machines.



Main Features:

Suitable for flexible and solid sheet material

Advantages of pass-through shuttle tables Disadvantages of pass-through shuttle tables
All work surfaces are fixed at the same height, so no adjustment is needed in the Z-axis Add to the footprint of the overall laser system due to the extra space required on both sides of the machine
Stable structure, more durable and reliable, fewer errors than other shuttle tables  
Same productivity with an affordable price  
Absolutely steady and vibration-free transport  
Loading and processing can be carried out simultaneously  

Conveyor Table for Laser Cutting Machines


The table is made of stainless steel web which is suitable for thin and flexible materialsWith the conveyor system, perpetual processing is becoming feasible. The efficiency of the MimoWork laser systems can be further increased.


Main Features:

• No stretching the textile

• Automatic edge control

• Customized sizes to meet every need, support the large format


Benefits of the Conveyor Table System:

• Cost reduction

The table is made of stainless steel web which is suitable for thin and flexible materialsWith the conveyor system, perpetual processing is becoming feasible. The efficiency of the MimoWork laser systems can be further increased.

• Higher productivity

Human productivity is limited, so introducing conveyor table instead is the next level for you in increasing production volumes. MimoWork conveyor table enables you to load and unload while cutting.

• Accuracy and repeatability

As the main failure factor on production is also a human factor – replacing manual work with precise, programmed automated machine would give more accurate results. MimoWork conveyor table.

• Increase in safety

In order to create a safer working environment, the conveyor table expands an exact operational space outside of which observation or monitoring is absolutely safe.


Honey Comb Table for Laser Cutting Machines


The working table is named after its structure which is similar to a honeycomb. It is designed to be compatible with every size of MimoWork laser cutting machines.

The aluminum foil allows the laser beam to pass cleanly through the material you are processing and reduces underside reflections from burning the backside of the material and also significantly protects the laser head from being damaged.

The honeycomb structure allows easy ventilation of heat, dust, and smoke during the laser cutting process. 

Main Features:

• Suitable for applications that require minimal back reflections and optimum flatness

• Strong, stable, and durable, able to be supported by heavier materials

• High quality iron body helps you fix your materials with magnets


Knife Strip Table for Laser Cutting Machines


Knife strip table, also called aluminum slat cutting table is designed to support material and maintain a flat surface. This cutting table is ideal for cutting thicker materials (8 mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100 mm.

It is primarily for cutting through thicker materials where you would like to avoid laser bounce back. The vertical bars also allow for the best exhaust flow while you are cutting. Lamellas can be placed individually, consequently, the table can be adjusted according to each individual application.


Main Features:

• Simple configuration, a wide range of applications, easy operation

• Suitable to laser cut substrates like acrylic, wood, plastic, and more solid material

Other Mainstream Working Table for Laser Cutting Machines

Vacuum Table

The vacuum table fixes various materials to the working table using a light vacuum. This ensures correct focusing over the entire surface and as a consequence better engraving results are guaranteed. In addition, it reduces the handling effort associated with mechanical mounting.

The vacuum table is the right table for thin and lightweight materials, such as paper, foils, and films that generally do not lay flat on the surface.

Ferromagnetic Table

The ferromagnetic construction allows mounting thin materials such as paper, films or foils with magnets to ensure an even and flat surface. Even working is essential for achieving optimal results for laser engraving and marking applications.

Acrylic Cutting Grid Table

The special acrylic grid prevents back reflection. It is therefore ideal for cutting acrylics, laminates, or plastic films with parts smaller than 100 mm, as these remain in a flat position after the cut.

Acrylic Slat Cutting Table

The cutting table with acrylic lamellas prevents reflection during cutting. This table is particularly used for cutting thicker materials (8 mm thickness) and for parts wider than 100 mm. The number of supporting points can be reduced by removing some of the lamellas individually, depending on the job.

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