Contour Laser Cutter

Contour Laser Cutter


Contour Laser Cutter

Equipped with the HD camera & CCD camera, Contour Laser Cutter is designed to realize continuously precise cutting for printed and patterned material. Our smart vision laser system helps you solve the problems of contour recognition regradless of similar colors of materials, pattern positioning, material deformation from thermal dye sublimation.

Most Popular Contour Laser Cutter Models

Contour Laser Cutter 90

Contour laser cutter 90 equipped with a CCD Camera is specifically designed for patches and labels to guarantee high precision and quality. A high-resolution CCD Camera & highly flexible camera software offer different recognition ways for different applications.

Working Area (W * L): 900mm * 500mm (35.4” * 19.6”)

Optical Software: CCD Camera Positioning

Contour Laser Cutter 160L

Contour Laser Cutter 160L is equipped with an HD Camera on the top which can detect the contour and transfer the cutting data to the laser directly. It is the simplest cutting method for dye sublimation products. Varied options have been designed in our software package serving different...

Working Area (W * L): 1600mm * 1200mm (62.9” * 47.2”)

Optical Software: HD Camera Recognition

Contour Laser Cutter 320

To meet cutting requirements for large & wide format roll fabric, MimoWork designed the ultra-wide format sublimation laser cutter with CCD Camera to help contour cut the printed fabrics like banners, teardrop flags, signage, exhibition display, etc.

Working Area (W * L): 3200mm * 1400mm (125.9’’ *55.1’’)

Optical Software: CCD Camera Positioning

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