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Clothing & Home Textiles

Clothing & Home Textiles

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Fashion is never exaggerated, never stops. Recent trends of integration about fashion and function in clothing and fashion dress are intensifying. And undeniably customization, small-batch and multi-variety production catering to the market tastes and needs raises more claims on fast processing, flexible controlling with perfect quality. Don’t worry, these are just unique and inherent advantages of laser cutting, perforating, marking. Characterized with contactless and force-free processing, laser cutting guarantees materials intactness (no distortion and damage) and the tool running up with consistent high quality & speed processing in sublimation sportswear, sports-functional clothing, protective apparel, garment accessory, garment patch, footwear, home textiles.

Not only that, extensive materials applications ranging from natural fabrics to composites as well as various weaving fabrics even non-woven can all be laser perfectly cut by MimoWork Laser Cutter.


Relevant materials are as follows: Polyester, Aramid, Kevlar ®, Fleece, Cordura®, Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Fiberglass, Spacer fabrics, Felt, Silk, Technical Textiles, Synthetical Textiles, Foam, Velcro Material, Knitted Fabrics, Plush, Polyamide(Nylon), Leather and more.

Application examples

legging, cycling wear, jersey (hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys, basketball jerseys, soccer jerseys, volleyball jerseys, lacrosse jerseys, ringette jerseys), swimwear, yoga clothes, elastic textiles, sports shirts, shorts, team uniforms, running outfits

- Sports-Functional Clothing

skiwear, anorak, climbing wear, winter jacket, windcheater, driven suit, waterproof suit, lightweight outdoor jacket, clothing with moisture and heat transfer, breathability, heat insulation, ultraviolet-proof, anti-abrasion

coverall suit, chemical protective clothing, liquid protective clothing, disposable coveralls, total encapsulating suits, fireproof suit, thermal protective apparel, shock suit, electrical insulating clothing, radiation-proof apparel, ballistic protective vest, anti-infection clothing, protective against mechanical impact

pockets, shoulder straps, collars, lace, ruffles, bordering ornament, shoulder pad, armband, wash care label, collar label, size label, hang tag, decal, sticker, seamless sticker film, printable decorative film, self-adhesive film, reflective stripe (heat applied reflective, fire-resistant reflective, printable reflective)

leather shoes, sneakers, shoe pads, slippers, running shoes

- Home Textiles

pillowcase, sofa cover, quilt cover, bed sheet, carpet, mat, wall covering, cushion, curtain, bath curtain, tablecloth

Video of laser application on sublimation textiles

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Why MimoWork?

MimoWork Smart Vision System guarantees accurate contour recognition and precise pattern cutting effect

No crushing and breaking of material due to contactless processing

Laser thermal treatments guarantee no fraying edges

Engraving, marking, and cutting can be realized in single processing

No materials fixation thanks to MimoWork vacuum working table

Automatic feeding allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate

Advanced mechanical structure allows laser options and customized working table

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