Application Overview – Patches

Application Overview – Patches

Custom Laser Cut Patch

The Trend of Laser Cutting Patch

Patterned patches have always been seen on daily clothing, fashion bags, outdoor equipment, and even industrial applications, adding fun and embellishment. Nowadays, vibrant patches keep up with the customization trend, evolving into diverse types like embroidery patches, heat transfer patches, woven patches, reflective patches, leather patches, PVC patches, and more. Laser cutters offer endless possibilities for custom laser cut patches, including laser cut cordura patches and laser cut velcro patches. Additionally, laser engraving leather patches adds a unique touch to your brand or personal items.

patch laser cutting

How to make laser cut patches

How to cut the patch with premium quality and high efficiency? Laser cutter provides a more productive and flexible method, especially for patterned patches. With optical recognition system, MimoWork Laser Cutter has helped numerous clients realizing industry upgrade and gaining market. Precise pattern recognition and cutting promote laser cutter gradually to be the main trend with the customization.

How to cut embroidery patches by a laser cutter?

Video Demonstration

video guide | how to laser cut patches

Template matching laser cutting patches

with CCD Camera

- Mass Production

CCD Camera auto recognizes all the patterns and match with the cutting outline

- High Quality Finishing

Laser Cutter realizes in clean and accurate pattern cutting

- Saving Time

Convenient to cut the same design next time by saving the template

Patch Cutting Laser Machine

• Laser Power: 50W/80W/100W

• Working Area: 900mm * 500mm (35.4” * 19.6”)

• Laser Power: 100W / 150W / 300W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1000mm (62.9’’ * 39.3’’)

• Laser Power: 180W/250W/500W

• Working Area: 400mm * 400mm (15.7” * 15.7”)

Benefits from Laser Cutting Patch

embroidery patch laser cutting 01

Smooth & clean edge

kiss cutting patch

Kiss cutting for multi-layers materials

leather patch engraving 01

laser leather patches of
Intricate engraving pattern

✔  Vision system helps accurate pattern recognition and cutting

✔  Clean and sealed edge with the heat treatment

✔  Powerful laser cutting ensures no adhesion between materials

✔  Flexible and fast cutting with auto-template matching

✔  Ability to cut complex pattern into any shapes

✔  No post-processing, saving cost and time

Laser Cut Patch Types

- Heat Transfer Patches (Photo Quality)

- Reflective patches

- Embroidered Patches

- Woven Patches

- PVC Patches

- Vinyl Patches

- Leather Patches

- Hook and Loop Patch

- Iron on Patches

- Chenille Patches

Print Patches

Versatility of patches reflect in materials extension and technique innovation. Besides classic embroidery patch, heat transfer printing, patch laser cutting and laser engraving technology bring more possibilities for patches. As we all know, laser cutting featuring precise cutting and timely edge sealing delieves high quality patchworks, including customized patches with flexible graphic designs. Accurate pattern cutting is grately optimized with the optical recognition system. To meet more practical applications and aesthetic pursuits, laser engraving & marking and kiss-cutting for multi-layers materials emerge and provide flexible processing methods. With the laser cutter, you can laser cut flag patch, laser cut police patch, laser cut velcro patch, custom tactical patches.

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