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Contour Laser Cutter 160

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Contour Laser Cutter 160 is equipped with a CCD camera which is suitable for processing high precision twill letters, numbers, labels. The software uses registration marks and distortion compensation function for digital printing applications. The solution minimizes the tolerance of distortion materials within 0.5mm. Moreover, the high-speed servo motor and strong mechanical structure ensure cutting at high speed. With the width of 1600mm, you are able to process majority of fabric in rolls



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Advantages of Contour Laser Cutter 160

Larger format, Wider applications


R&D for flexible materials like sublimation fabric and garment accessories


Enhanced two laser heads, greatly increase your productivity (optional)


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and computer data support high automation processing and constant stable high-quality output


MimoWork Smart Vision System automatically corrects deformation and deviation


Automatic feeding allows unattended operation which saves your labor cost, lower rejection rate (optional)

Technical Data

Working Area (W *L) 1600mm * 1,000mm (62.9’’ * 39.3’’)
Software CCD Registration Software
Laser Power 100W / 150W / 300W
Laser Source CO2 Glass Laser Tube or CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Mechanical Control System Step Motor Drive & Belt Control
Working Table Mild Steel Conveyor Working Table
Max Speed 1~400mm/s
Acceleration Speed 1000~4000mm/s2

Enhance the laser ability of your machine

Stainless steel web will be suitable for flexible materials like direct injection and digitally printed fabrics. With the Conveyor Table, continuously process can be easily realized, greatly increasing your productivity.

The CCD Camera equipped next to the laser head can detect feature marks to locate the printed, embroidered, or woven patterns and the software will apply the cutting file to the actual pattern with 0.001mm accuracy to ensure the highest precious cutting result.


Optional Servo Motor

Servo motor motion system can be selected to provide a higher cutting speed. Servo motor will improve the stable performance of C160 when cutting complex outer contour graphics.

Video Demonstration of Laser Cutting Printed Patches

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Fields of Application

Precision and Flexibility


Cut along the press contours after detecting the mark points


Laser cutting machine is suitable for both short-run production and mass production orders


High Precision within 0.1 mm error range


Polished edge and accurate contour cutting


The CCD Camera accurately locate the registration marks


Combined with the UV printer, you can produce various decorative products.


No acrylic chips – less contamination and reduced costs

of Contour Laser Cutter 160


Twill, Polyester Fabric, Spandex, Leather, Plastic, Paper, Wood, Acrylic and other Non-metal Materials


Apparel, Photo Frame, Labels

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