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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting

What is the laser cutting

You must be familiar with traditional knife cutting, milling cutting and punching. Different from mechanical cutting which directly pressures on the material by external force, laser cutting can melt through the material depending on thermal energy released by laser light beam.

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High gathered energy with focused laser beam by multiple reflections which instantly burn through the material without materials adhesion due to the high absorption rate guarantees top quality and accuracy. No need for direct contact for laser cutting means eliminating pressure exerted on material, getting rid of material distortion and damage while protecting laser head intact. That is impossible in conventional processing because of necessary tool maintenance and replacing resulted by mechanical strain and wear.

Obviously, as a digital and eco-friendly processing method superior of traditional cutting, laser cutting has been widely used in varieties of materials and applications. Metal, textiles, composites are compatible with laser cutting.

Why choose laser cutting

High Quality

-Precise cutting with fine laser beam

-Automatic cutting avoids manual error

-Smooth edge through heat melting

-No material distortion and damage


-Consistent processing and high repeatability

-Clean environment without chippings and dust

-One-off completing dispenses with post processing

-No need for tool maintenance and replacing


-No limitation on any contours, patterns and shapes

-Pass through structure extends material format

-High customization for options

-Adjustment at any time with digital control


Laser cutting features great compatibility with various materials, including metal, textiles, composites, leather, natural fibers and more. Need to attention is that different materials correspond to different laser adaptability and laser parameters.

More benefits from Mimo-laser cutting

-Quick patterns design by Photo Digitize Sofeware

-Cut along the edge of the contour with Contour Recognition System

-Distortion compensation through CCD Camera

-More accurate Position Recognition for patch and label

-Economical cost for customized Working Table in format and variety

-Free material testing for your materials

-Elaborate guidance and suggestion after laser consultation