News - Why it’s the trend to customization?

Why it’s the trend to customization?

Why it’s the trend to customization?

laser cutting & engraving

When identifying ways to stand out, customization is king. Customization has boundless potential for both brands and customers, which makes the world is going custom. Quite a few customers are dissatisfied with the one-size-fits-all approach and they are willing to pay more for customization. According to a US study in 2017 Lanieri US Fashiontech Insights, we found that 49% of Americans are interested in buying customized products, and 3% of online buyers are willing to spend more than $1,000 on “tailor-made” products. And more than 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products for themselves and their friends and family. Retailers participating in the product customization trend have the opportunity to increase product sales and build repeat customers.


Personalization growth appears to be driven by the ease of finding services that allow customization on the products consumers love (and products they didn't know they wanted) and advanced technologies that enable adorning accessories, daily use products and home decoration with gorgeous images and art.

You can achieve from customization:

✦ unrestricted creativity

✦ stand out from normal

✦ sense of achievement in creating something


Through the online shopping platform, we can see that there are many customized products. Among them, we can find lots of customized acrylic products, such as keychains, 3D acrylic light display boards, and so on. These small products can usually sell for more than a dozen or even a hundred dollars, which is really exaggerated because you know that the cost of this gadget is not high. Just doing some engraving and cutting can make its value more than tens or hundreds of times.

How is this done? If you want to engage in a small business in this area, you may wish to watch it.

First of all,

for raw materials, we can see an example of 12” x 12” (30mm*30mm)acrylic sheets on Amazon or eBay, whose price is only about $10. If you purchase a larger quantity, the price will be lower.



you need a "right assistant" to engrave and cut acrylic, so a small size laser cutting machine is a good choice, such as MimoWork 130 with a 51.18"* 35.43" (1300mm* 900mm) working format. It can process diverse customized products, like woodcraft, acrylic signs, awards, trophies, gifts and many others. With reasonable and affordable price, Flatbed Laser Cutter and Engraver 130 is quite popular and widely used in decoration and advertising fields. Automated processing can be carried out only by importing graphics, and complex patterns can be cut & engraved in a few minutes in time.

▶ View the Laser Engraving & Cutting

After finishing the laser processing, you only need to add the accessories to sell.

Customization is a smart way to stand out from the competition. After all, who knows what customers need better than the customers themselves? Depending on the platform, consumers can control the personalization of the purchased goods to varying degrees without having to pay an excessively large price increase for a fully customized product.

All in all, it's time SMEs plunged into the customization business. The market is doing exceptionally well, and that's not likely to change. What's more, SMEs don't currently have too many competitors waiting to make their job more difficult. So, they can plan their strategy with ease and gain customer loyalty before the competition catches up. Take advantage of being online, employ the true power of the internet and extract the best out of technology.

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